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What Have We Created?

So today was my relax day of the week and I finally got a chance to watch some TV. As I was browsing through the different channels, I came across a music video being played. The genre of this music video just so happened to be Hip-Hop/Rap. I must say, I was disgusted at what I seen. The video consisted of a few guys rapping; throwing a bunch of money around like it is nothing, and having large assets, such as a mansions, jet planes, and exotic cars. Along with that, there were women dancing on poles and all over cars barely wearing any type of clothing. This made me think about what we did wrong as a society to think this is acceptable. We allow our children to watch things like this on TV and allow them to realize that society thinks it’s okay to objectify women in such as manner.

In almost every hip-hop/rap video, there are male artists. And in those videos, more times than none, there are women dancing in a provocative way hardly wearing any clothes. I feel that these videos make society think that these are the type of women that men want and that we only treat them as objects or maybe even trophies. Being a guy, this disgusts me in every aspect. In no means does this show respect towards women and all it does is make women feel like they need to look that way to receive attention from males. Young boys grow up wanting to be these “rap stars” because they see how much money they have, all the cool cars they possess, and all the girls they have around them. Young girls potentially grow up thinking if they don’t look like these girls in the videos, no man will find them attractive or show any interest in them. I don’t know about other guys, but I know for a fact that I don’t find anything about these women in the videos appealing. From my standpoint, I think guys would want a smart, intelligent woman who actually has self-respect for herself and has life goals. I strongly believe if we, guys, make it seem that these traits are what we are looking for, and then I feel society would be able to avoid issues in self-beauty. Men would have a higher respect for women and women would understand that they don’t have to starve themselves to look beautiful.

Attached below is a video that I came across that portrays what I’m trying to say perfectly. Believe it or not, I actually know the artist of this video, and I’m not too sure if I’m proud to say that or not, due to the way women are used in the video. If you take a few minutes to view this video, you will see that women are treated like objects/prizes to the rappers. More often than not, they are also in groups surrounding men, making it look as if men have more power and women are just there for showing off. I find this very disturbing and I wish society would realize what they have created as far as making women as objects for men to be shown off. Women are way more than that, and they deserve to be viewed that way.


  1. sahachem says:

    I totally agree with you. People wonder why did we come to a time were drugs are scattered all around, teens smoking marijuana, family bonds and manners are diminishing. Well, it is because what we feed the children’s minds since they are children. Most of kids now watch tv most of their free time, and these commercials will pass by.
    Its not just video clips, but posters and commercials of everything else. The women who are popular are those who show up almost naked, and dancing in an erotic way. Men who are “living the life” are portrayed as those swim in money carelessly, and spent it on women and sex and other things, rather than using their money for good.
    Thats the example we give to our new generation and then wonder what happened to them.

  2. mplowden says:

    I agree with you. I know some people who come straight out of high school and immediately start stripping because they feel it will create a pathway for them to star in music videos. All because of this “pop culture” that has been created.

  3. dsielski says:

    I agree with you that males, especially in the hip-hop scene, objectify women in almost all of their videos. However, I would have to say that in this day and age it is not just the males that objectify females but the females as well. Very rarely do you ever see a hip/hop music video that doesn’t involve almost-naked women dancing, male or female artist.

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