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“We Saw Your Boobs”

Before viewing Seth MacFarlane’s song and dance in class, I had heard numerous gossip about the controversial remarks that he had made at the Oscars. I heard this through the media via radio and internet. Columnists and radio hosts each had their own opinion on what they thought of MacFarlane and his remarks or insults. I had not viewed the actual video until recently when we watched it in class. Initially, I find his comedic personality to be somewhat crude. Moreover, given that I had heard more negative than positive feedback about his skit, I was expecting a plethora of inappropriateness. Surprisingly, after viewing the skit, I did not find his song to be vulgar or outrageously offensive. I do however believe that it was very inappropriate to name actresses like Jodie Foster and Hilary Swank (both of whom had their breasts exposed in scenes where they were brutally raped). At first, I found his skit to be imprudent or immature but not offensive; that is until he mentioned the actresses in the rape scenes. No matter the case, I find that the subject of rape should never be a laughing matter. Society should not accept or allow this type of demeanor. What I found outrageous was the female radio host that was reporting this news. She claimed that women were taking his skit too seriously. She even went on to say actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who spoke against MacFarlane’s remarks, was just jealous because he never mentioned her “boobs” in his skit. I find it to be outrageous that females today are now finding it acceptable to ridicule other females who are speaking out against these issues of sexism in our culture. I am curious as to why some women find it acceptable to speak out against other women who are trying to advocate inequality about gender. From the various media surrounding this topic, I also found that more women spoke out about it than men did; negative and positive views were upheld. In spite of the fact that it was a male who stirred up this controversy I expected many male columnists to speak out about how he conveyed this topic to the public. It is not just an issue that affects women but anyone who opposes bantering about issues of rape.

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  1. awiedmaier says:

    I did not have the opportunity to see this “skit” until I watched it with our class, and must agree with your comment about the innapropriateness of using actresses names that were baring their breasts during a rape scene. That was taking his message to extremes, and very insensitive to women who could associate with those scenes. I think the song was very distasteful and not becoming of an event such as the Oscars.

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