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The Most Hated Man On the Internet?

Who is Hunter Moore? Hunter Moore is the founder of one of the most controversial websites that I can remember, “IsAnyoneUp.com”. If you haven’t heard of him, I encourage you to do your research, but consider yourself warned, you will most likely be offended. He’s appeared on TV shows like “Anderson Cooper” and “Dr. Phil” and been interviewed in magazines such as “Rolling Stone” and “Maxim”. IsAnyOneUp? was a website Hunter Moore started as a way in which people could “get back” at an ex for cheating on them by submitting sexually explicit images they shared while they were together. Many referred to it as “revenge porn”. The biggest issue with this is that the images were submitted to the website without the consent of the person in the pictures. Even worse, their personal Facebook or Twitter profiles were attached making it easy for anyone to find the person and harass them. After the images were submitted (with Facebook/Twitter profiles attached), anyone could comment on the pictures which more often than not, led to verbal attacks and assaults on the person in the pictures. The people being submitted were not limited to random citizens, but often included many celebrities as well.
Hunter Moore has since sold the website, claiming he began to receive sexually explicit pictures of minors. The interesting part is that he sold the website to a company that runs bullyville.com, a website that focuses on the issue of bullying, who later shut down IsAnyOneUp?. Although Hunter Moore’s website, IsAnyOneUp? is no longer operational, he hasn’t stopped. He is currently continuing his controversial behavior in the world of Twitter. His Twitter feed is constantly bombarded with sexually explicit images of both men and women. It should be noted however, that the submissions are probably about 99% women. The difference between his activities on Twitter and his former website, is that all the submissions now are submitted by the person in the pictures looking to gain “Twitter fame”. He often holds contests that require women to tweet sexually explicit pictures of themselves and include the hashtag that refers to the specific contest. The winners are determined based on how many of his Twitter followers “like” or retweet the nude photos.
With roughly 160,000 Twitter followers and countless explicit submissions, you can imagine that not everyone who submits themselves are always given the most flattering comments. In fact, Hunter Moore often encourages people to ridicule the people who submit. These are a few of the many reasons Hunter Moore is considered by many as “the most hated man on the internet”.

At the beginning of the semester, I wrote my critical analysis on the problem of “sexting” in America. I think it’s safe to say that the issue of trading sexually explicit images via text messaging or email, termed “sexting”, just got a lot more controversial.


  1. jtfick says:

    This article is pretty alarming to me. I did not know who this guy was what so ever, but after reading this, I now know why you referred to him as possibly the most hated man on the internet. He objectifies women as sexual objects and encourages women to submit photos to make themselves popular. It is extremely sad to believe women would disrespect themselves like this just to receive some Twitter followers who don’t even know them on a personal level, but rather just by the way they look in one image. Not only are they submitting nude or partially nude photos, but i’m sure they are also using photo filters to change the way they look. This goes back to when we discussed Photoshop in class how women are being objectified.

  2. chelsfings says:

    The internet is a scary place in a lot of cases. I had no idea that there were sites like this, and I find it interesting that he sold the site, but then continued on twitter, doing the same thing. I don’t understand how exploitation is okay. Aren’t we supposed to be the bigger person, and not seek revenge? I also wonder about the people that submit pictures, willingly exposing themselves to criticism and ridicule; for what? Isn’t there enough of that in our own heads? Do we really need to slap it all over the internet to really solidify those feelings? Things will not change if it keeps up like this.

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