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It is her fault!

     As I was reading the chapter of our book about “Rape”, I stopped for couple minutes when I reached to the part about the myths of rape. It is not the part about wether rape is over reported or under, but the part were they put part of the blame on thee victim. “Well, she has to finish what she started”. What? Started what? It is like saying, well some one opened his wallet so he provoked me to steal it. And if you tell that to a 5 years old, he will know that logic is stupid. Moreover, women when they are raped do not only experience economic issues or be terrorized for a short period of times. It takes years and years to get over such a traumatizing event, if anyone could get over it. It also will create insecurity, and she would not feel ever the same about the world that she is living in. Also, many of the victims of rape that experience post traumatic disorder that get better will relapse as soon as they experience the smallest trigger.  If all of these are not enough reasons to treat rape more serious and give the rapist what they deserve, then I don’t know what.
Also, a lot of women do not report their rape because of the pressure that is put on them and the way they are traumatized from the trial itself. The trials tend to turn the victims into liars, and just women nagging as always. So you get raped, and they accuse you of lying? Wow. In the film we watched, it was shown how many rape and sexual assaults is occurring from high ranked military people! The people who are supposed to be helping this country, and protecting it, are the same ones that are pushing people away from joining the military. Of course, the justice system has a major part in the blame because they just let them go. Some of the women int he movie go terrorized, and  one woman had her jaw dislocated for a year with no treatment, and her rapist gets promoted.

When will people stand up ? Raise their voice against these issues? A lot of rapists are getting away because of their status, gender, and the flaw justice system we have. With the increase of rates of rape as time progresses, people are putting their own children; males and females, in great risk that might just put an end to their life as they know it.

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  1. ninazm21 says:

    It is so disheartening to witness the extent of suffering a victim of rape undergoes while over 90% of the time the perpetrator doesn’t spend a day in jail or face half the ridicule the victim has to face. Rape culture is live and well in America and it will remain as such until we shift the discussion around rape, not a particular case of rape, but rape in general, from the victim to the rapist. When media outlets as prominent as CNN put rape culture and rapist sympathizing on blast there needs to be a uproar so loud that neither them nor another media outlet would dare display such reactions to rape. As a society we do have the power to make things socially unacceptable. When an action, sentiment, or behavior is socially unacceptable, money-making industries/companies, such as CNN, wouldn’t dare to partake in such actions, behaviors, or sentiments.

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