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“You shouldnt be out there at that time of night..”

“You shouldnt be out there at that time of night”

“You shouldnt wear that and expect not to get harassed”

“You shouldnt have had that many drinks..what were you thinking?”

“You shouldnt have flirted with him..I mean you lead him on”

“You shouldnt have gone there alone”

“You should have been carrying MACE”

“Why didnt you fight back?”

“Why didnt you stop him?”



People shouldnt attack each other..AT ANY TIME OF DAY.  Every hour, minute, second of the day, I am in charge of my body and I do NOT deserve to be raped or harassed because I chose to step out of the house during this sick idea of “rape hours-the night”

People are in charge of their own bodies…and their closet. Just because someone is wearing a short skirt or dress, does not mean thats an open invitation for every person around them. It simply means the own a short skirt or dress….nothing else can be associated with it.

It is ILLEGAL to have sex with someone under the influence of alcohol.  THAT IS RAPE. Sure, you may have had one to many drinks, the only consequence you have to deal with is the hangover you may or may not have the next morning. But this is not an open invitation to sex.

First off,  my first point is being nice to a person does not mean you are flirting with them, as shocking as it may seem, some people are actually just genuinely nice people. But let’s just say you are flirting. Just because I’m flirting with you does not mean you suddenly have earned your rights to sex..or anything.  Granted, if you did lead someone on and woke up one day and was just not feeling it, they do deserve an explanation, but in no way do they EVER deserve sex because you flirted with them.

How about we just teach our children NOT to attack people while theyre walking alone? How about we teach them that just because they are walking alone, does not mean theyre asking for it. It simply means…they are walking alone to their destination. Their destination is not you.

Just because I was not carrying PROTECTION, doesnt mean I deserved it. More importantly  in an ideal world, I shouldnt have to carry protection anyway.

Maybe it was because he was 225 pounds. Maybe it was cause he was my best friend…and I trusted him…and I couldnt believe it. Maybe I went into shock mode and couldnt move. Maybe I froze up because I didnt think this would ever happen to me.  or maybe I shouldn’t have to fight back at all, because this shouldn’t be happening..this wasnt my fault.

Maybe its because..how could anyone ever be prepared for this? Don’t tell me about self-defense classes and carrying MACE…how could one ever truly learn how to stop someone from raping them? Well…maybe  its because were asking the wrong questions…Maybe its because we cant.

But what we can teach..what we can learn…is how to respect each other…that RAPE is WRONG.

How to treat the drunk girl? Still respect her. What about the girl in the short dress? Still respect her. What about the girl walking around the sketchy area at night? She still deserves respect.

We can never truly learn how to avoid rape, but we can learn how to not have it  happen from the start.




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