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Moms Do it All

Moms Do it All

So last week my mom sent this picture to me via text…without any other text in the message. I wondered if she was trying to imply something to me, or maybe an indication that was supposed to hint for me to come home and help out around the house…could have been the case. Regardless, she didn’t have to say any words for me to understand.
Sometimes we don’t realize how extravagant of a job being a mother is. I love this image because it depicts how women need to have 1,000 hands to do a million things around the house and for the family, but it’s never enough. As we learned about in class today, women spend more time taking care of children than men. Being a mother means you have to sacrifice a ton. For one thing, many mothers have to put their career or education on hold to raise a child. For another, it’s hard to find the time to take care of yourself when you need to put your children before anything.
I love this picture because the woman looks calm, strong, and in control. All while maintaining her multiple busy roles as a mother, she is portrayed to still find time for herself (as depicted by the martini and dumbbell).
The attitudes about motherhood being the “ultimate fulfillment in a woman’s life,” as well as the outlook that the responsibility of a woman is to be the primary caretaker, continue in today’s world. We tend to think that just because you are a woman, you must mother children. When some women express that they are not interested in having children, we think they are not fulfilling this socially constructed ideal of what a woman should do.
After my mom sent me the picture, I responded telling her I love her because I never give her enough credit for half the things she does. After moving to the U.S. to start a new life with only having my dad as a support system, I look up to her for raising four girls while getting a college degree. I think images such as this one remind us that moms are rockstars.


  1. jtfick says:

    I find this picture very interesting as well. Before reading the actual article, I was thinking to myself that sometimes the duties of being a mother are exaggerated to make it seem much harder than they actually are, but then I started reading. Personally, I could not think of any examples of a male taking over the taking care of a baby role. I don’t know if it’s because there is somewhat of a societal norm that men work all day while the mom stays at home or because I don’t know many couples who had a baby together are still together, which is very sad. But what is even sadder is the fact that we, as a society, expect women to take care of the kids and cook. We also expect them to further their education while keeping the house clean. And on top of that, we expect them to stay in shape and work out while doing all these other tasks. There is impossible!!! But…women actually do try to have this great mother image and please everyone by trying their hardest to do everything that is expected of them, due to society. I think this picture does a great job explaining the difficulties women have and I totally agree that women don’t receive as much respect as they deserve for doing all that they do. This actually inspires me to help my mother cook and prepare dinner for this upcoming Easter dinner, which is usually done by the women in the house at my household.

  2. fatimafak313 says:

    Interesting picture. I can relate to what you are saying. My mom is the same, handling everything. We do not give them enough credit sometimes. “We tend to think that just because you are a woman, you must mother children. When some women express that they are not interested in having children, we think they are not fulfilling this socially constructed ideal of what a woman should do.” Very true. Being a mother should be a choice not because you are a woman, you have to become a mother. I liked the way you put that idea into perspective.

  3. gomezale says:

    This picture pretty much sums up what great role Mothers have in society. In my opinion mothers are the head of households because thank’s to them the household functions smoothly. In my case my mother is a stay home mom so whenever my mom is having a bad day it seems like everyone in the house is having a bad day. She is great at multitasking and despite all she does she always has time her children. I admire all the Mothers out there because i’m sure it isn’t easy to have so many things to do and be the anchor of a household. Even though, I agree with you and sometimes we take all their hard work for granted.

  4. shaniperk says:

    Love the picture. That’s how I feel on most days. Motherhood didn’t equal total fulfillment for me and I’m sure other women. It did however, give me purpose in my life. After having my child I was able to identify what I wanted to do with my life (since I was now responsible for another life). Mothers carry a huge load and are phenomenal people.

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