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Gay Marriage

Gay marriage has been put into the spot light now and many people are taking stands. This issue is being mentioned in the news, and social websites such as facebook and instagram. I do not really have an opinion when it comes to gay marriage, but what I have been seeing and hearing is really opening my eyes. It seems that everyone cares about this issue now even though they did not before, just because it is what everyone is “talking about.” Many people are saying things and supporting equality when they have little knowledge of the matter. The people who are activists and truely passionate about their beliefs, are getting backlashes from others who read their posts. I believe that there are always two sides to each argument and for this issue one of them is the religious point of view. Religion has been the key weapon in some people’s criticisms. An interesting argument (by an anonymous person) that I saw a picture of is: “Its interesting how people selectively choose which aspects of religion to follow and believe certain aspects are more important than others. So when the government considers legalizing gay marriage you don’t support it because of God’s word, but when the government is contemplating…I don’t know….let’s say war…what about “thou shall not kill”? 120,000 dead Iraqi civilians…” I think that it is a very good point that this person made and I couldn’t have said it better myself. The point is that everyone should respect opinions and beliefs even when we do not agree. Just because we see things a certain way, does not mean that everyone else sees it the same way. I am indifferent when it comes to this issue, but I do have beliefs about other things that I wouldn’t want people to criticize me negatively about in the way that I see criticism concerning this issue.


  1. meganparuta92 says:

    I think having an opinion about the topic, whether or not one expressed an opinion before, is very important. People are learning more about the fight for equal marriage rights and its the big discussion right now. Its possible these people you’re talking about are just now beginning to care because they’re just now learning about it, which is good.
    Now, people not getting the facts right is an issue. We should look at it as a positive though because at least more people are beginning to care.

  2. kmsweet says:

    In my experience, many of the people talking about gay marriage have had opinions about it all along, even if they didn’t discuss it before. Of course there are those people that may just now be forming opinions about it, but I think it’s important to have a position on this issue after learning about it; it’s one that involves human rights and effects the lives of so many people. But I do see what you’re saying – I think people should make sure they don’t completely forget about the issue as soon as it’s not all over the news.

  3. khamida23 says:

    I think discussion about important topics, such as gay marriage, leads people to take the time to truely think about several issues regarding human rights. Thus, people start to form opinions. Sometimes we do need media attention on certain topics to get many peoples attention, however I dont believe media does that in the right way. I love what you included about religion and that annonymous person’s point of view; I completely agree. People should worry less about others personal lives, such as who someone would like to spend their life with, and practice more introspection, before beginning to critisize others.

  4. lyndseyhage says:

    I agree with khamida about the media opening up our eyes about gay marriage, but not always opening our eyes up to topics in the right way. There are two sides to every story and that’s what the media should do. Interview an equal amount of people who are for gay marriage and for those who oppose it. Those who they interview should give rational explanations as to why they have come to their conclusions in order to allow people to develop their own educated opinions. The big hype about whether or not the United States should let gays and lesbians get married in any state is the media’s perfect opportunity to do so.

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