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Two men on a walk

As I sat in my car this morning, stuck in traffic on I-94,  I flipped on the radio with the hope to catch something interesting to pass the time. As it so happened at that particular moment on 89X the the DJ’s brought up a topic which I never really put a lot of thought into, and almost made me laugh at worried people were about something so trivial. The topic? Is it ok for two men to go on a walk together?

Now my first thought was ” who cares”, but then I began to question when the last time I actually went on a walk with another guy just to walk and it occurred o me that I couldn’t. Whether or not this is simply a coincidence or perhaps I’ve been subconsciously avoiding such a situation I do not know, but from the reactions of the varies callers who responded to the question one got the feeling that among men there is an unspoken rule the two or more bros can not go for a stroll.

I came in at the middle of this topic so I cannot comment on what any callers may have said before, but the responses from the men who called reminded me of the gender stereotyping that is rampant in our society. Almost every single guy who called in said they wouldn’t be caught dead going for a walk with another man unless it was in one of the following contexts: 1) They had just finished running and were cooling down 2) were on their way to a bar to do “manly” things and pick up girls 3) were carrying a football or some sort of sports equipment.

What surprised me the most about the callers, were the women who called in and agreed that two guys going for a walk would make them suspicious as to whether they might be gay or not. Great, so now on top of working out religiously to maintain my Photoshop-esque physic, denying the fact that I possess emotions, and fighting off bears with nothing but a rock and my cunning charm. I now have to watch out to make sure I’m not caught walking next to another male or I risk losing my man card.

Personally I don’t care what other people other people think, but it’s sad  that the culture of today has gotten to the point that every action, no matter how small will be used to judge a person’s masculinity/femininity. People should just be allowed to be people without worrying whether or not they are meeting a standard…and they should be able to walk with whoever they want.

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  1. hanamattar says:

    Wow, this is insane. I genuinely have never even thought about something like this and it makes me so sad that our culture is so quick to judge..and unfortunately, judge cruelly. It’s sad that something so simple like taking a walk with a friend and not being judged as “gay” or questioned for what I’m doing is a privilege I have and you don’t. And the saddest part is that people avoid doing so to not seem homosexual, as if that’s an insult

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