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Image is Powerful

The above video is about Cameron Russell, a model, who is speaking about image. She has been a model for 10 years and shares her experiences. Russell gives a description of her privilege, being a white, slender, beautiful woman. She talks about how her looks have helped her receive  free stuff and got off from getting a ticket. She mentions that would not be easy if it was an African American. She shows pictures of herself before or around the time she did photoshoots. She compares the photos and says “What you are seeing are not pictures of me, they are constructions…” Russell reassures the audience that what you see in the magazines are constructions put together by stylists. The issue of body image was her main topic, that teenage girls should aim their goals higher than just wanting to be a model.

Honestly, I love the way she started off the video. She went from dressing in a revealing way and changed into something more conservative. By doing that, she is proving a point to people. The point is, she wants people to listen to her and not sit admiring her slender figure and beauty. She is changing the way people view her by changing her outfit. This video is really inspirational and motivating because it is the reality of our society. Overall, it was an amazing speech and recommend all to watch it.

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  1. Favi Bogen says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Cameron was right. My perception of her changed within a matter of seconds. Normally, when I think model, I picture a beautiful, thin, tall woman and not an articulate and intelligent one. If someone showed me a picture of two women and asked who i would prefer to go see give a presentation, i would have chosen a women in a pants suit or long skirt than a short black mini-dress. Image is important. It is tells people (within a short period of time) how they will/should treat you and react to what you have say. An example of this is comparing Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Putting aside politics, who would you take more seriously? If i want to be taken more seriously, I would wear more professional and less revealing clothing. If I want to get into the hottest club in Chicago, I would wear more revealing and provocative clothing.

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