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Same Sex Marriage Enters The Supreme Court

This week, the issue of same-sex marriage will go before the U.S. Supreme Court. The justices will hear both sides of the argument all week, and eventually make a decision on how same-sex couples will be viewed at the federal level. As of now, same-sex marriage is legal in 9 states as well as in the District of Columbia. This week marks the beginning of a milestone in American Politics. Same-sex marriage may finally be legalized throughout the United States if the Supreme Court rules in favor of broadening the definition of what a legal marriage is. Those who argue  for same-sex marriage say that voter-approved marriage bans “are simply unconstitutional,” and while I do not agree with the practice of gay marriage, I completely agree with this viewpoint. I believe that the federal government telling you who you may or may not marry is indeed unconstitutional. Being American means that you should be able to do whatever you please, as long as you are not harming others. Same-sex couples should be no exception to the American ideals of liberty and freedom.

According to CNN, the American landscape has been gradually shifting towards the acceptance of same-sex couples. A CNN poll that was conducted just last week shows 53% of Americans support same-sex marriage, a number that has grown from around 40% in 2007. This shifting view has been unusually evident in the media lately, with commercials being aired from large companies like “Amazon” showcasing same-sex couples in a positive light. The support from many mainstream ads as well as the positive shift in thinking by a majority of Americans leaves me truly optimistic about this week’s Supreme Court hearings. I believe that with enough debate and educated thinking, the Supreme Court will finally realize that they are overstepping their boundaries. Same-sex couples shouldn’t have to move to certain states in order to get married, and hopefully the Supreme Court rules in the liberal favor. This week could potentially mark a the beginning of a new America; an America where we are one step closer to true equality and freedom. We are living through a historic moment in time; a time that may potentially be written into history books and lectured about in future classrooms across America. Let us hope for the best as we closely watch what occurs on Capital Hill this week.


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  1. jsegrist says:

    I like that even though you don’t agree with the practice, you can still see that the ban is unconstitutional. I wish more people could see it this way; that same-sex marriage isn’t harming anyone and people should be allowed to marry whoever they want. I’m glad that the views in America are changing, and I think that with time it will only continue to grow.

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