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Miss Representation


This movie gave insight to the struggle of women in the media. It gave much needed attention to the negative media surrounding females to both men and women. It had views from both a female and male perspective. The movie was powerful because it gave a voice to those who have been ignored for years. It had the components of a movie that wanted to show the positivity of women. They had women who were journalists, actresses, directors, and politicians all explaining the different ways they were treated, or rather mistreated. This mistreatment was based on their physical appearance and the struggles to maintain a certain “look.”

What is really admiring is the young girls in the film, high school age, that spoke against the lack of positive female images in the media. If the youth are realizing this and standing for change then there is hope for the future.  The movie gives hope to women who are struggling with body image or trying to live up to an unrealistic standard. It is a good representation of all the Miss Representation.


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