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Erin Brockovich

I have recently watched a movie that depicts one of the most recognized toxic tort cases in the United States. A toxic tort is a special type of injury lawsuit. Erin Brockovich is one of the best movies that describe women’s achievement in such a difficult case. Brockovich extensively investigated the case and successfully discovered the evidence that implicate Pacific Gas & Energy with contaminating the water wells of a town. I’ve related this movie which is a true story to our class because it describes women power, and proves that a woman can achieve what experts couldn’t accomplished. Brockovich was dedicated, sympathetic with victims, well organized and was socially successful in convincing others of the importance of the issue. She managed in working with large corporation who exhibit tons of resources, but couldn’t accomplish what she accomplished. This story along with other stories is an evident that women can accomplish what expert fails to do. I am not trying to undermine men success, but my perspective on this is that women can overcome any issue if it’s presented with minimum resources. The most important thing is to acknowledge women success, and to praise their achievement as much as society does for men. Some of the problems society face regarding women success is that we don’t give much attention to what women can do. Media plays a role on putting the spot light on men’s success more than women. I’ve been checking the media since Dr. Martin suggested doing so, and I have probably checked multiple times, but fail to find a positive thing that is mentioned about women. I have probably encountered some, but they were not descriptive enough and/or equivalent to their success. We as a society has to acknowledge what women can do and to stress on what women can accomplish by taking different roles, such as being a mother, a wife and as well as an employee that work as much as men work. I know single mothers that work, raise their children, attend college, and at the same time they succeed in every role they attempt. Some of these women also take the role of the father when needed and in many situation, the father is absent and probably disengaged in raising his children. As I mentioned, I am not undermining men’s success, rather I am acknowledging women hard work in society.

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  1. fatimafak313 says:

    I have watched this movie as well. It is nice to see a strong woman as the main character. It is nice to see that women such as Brockovich that are motivated to take initiative. It is based on a true story which makes it that much more inspiring. I agree it is not about undermining men but bringing to light the succession of women in society.

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