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A Concerned Father Or Has Victoria’s Secret Gone Too Far?

I was on Facebook when I came across this link that intrigued me about a father who wrote a letter to Victoria’s Secret. It was about Victoria’s Secret coming out with a new undergarment line called “Bright Young Things” that will be aimed toward middle school children. This father “believes that this new line Bright Young Things thwarts the efforts of empowering young women in this country. Bright Young Things gives off the message that women are sex objects.” As we have read in our textbook women are seen in a negative light.

In previous chapters we have read that back in the day women were seen solely as a baby making machine to carry on the family name. In addition, women were to be the homemakers and raise the children. In today’s society, sex sells. Women are seen half naked in ads to promote a company’s product to help persuade people that they need the product. For example, if a lipstick is advertised in a seductress way, then a potential customer may think it will give them the same sex appeal if they wear it too.

I agree with this father’s letter because I believe middle school age children are too young to be shopping at Victoria’s Secret. I don’t think I started to shop there until it was my junior or senior year in high school. Victoria’s Secret is known for its sex appeal and revealing marketing campaign ads, but that is what sells their products.

Victoria Secret should re-think the “Bright Young Things” line and re-examine who their target customers might be for a product like this. I don’t think parents would be too happy if their 12 year old daughters started to act like a 20 year old wearing bras and panties from there, because after all they are still growing and their prices are not cheap. In addition, the introduction to sexy ads may increase the potential worries of teens having sex to soon.


  1. cindygam says:

    I agree with this father! I have a 11 year old sister and last year I was given the task to take her shopping to buy back to school clothes for her, including shoes and underwear. She was almost eleven years old and her body was developing quite rapidly so she needed training bras. My little sister impatiently waited for the day when she would be able to wear a bra and her time came last year. I tried to be the cool big sister and let her choose out her clothes and shoes but when it came to her underwear I couldn’t let her choose! All the underwear we found had either lace, too low cut or looked like it was made for a 17 year old woman because they had underwire and padding!! Even the panties looked like they were made for women just in sizes small enough for an 11 year old. I was so upset that I had to travel to at least 3 stores to find my little sister decent underwear. I am really prod that this father chose to speak up about the indecency of the underwear and especially the provocative marketing towards our girls.

  2. kmsweet says:

    I have a 12-year old sister and I couldn’t handle her wearing anything from Victoria’s Secret yet! But there have been times when I’ve been in that store and have seen girls that had to have only been in middle school. Girls are expected to grow up too fast as it is, and this makes it even worse. Young girls face enough pressures without having to be marketed to by Victoria’s Secret.

  3. ckolo1 says:

    I agree totally with this father. I have been to the store and looked in the under garment area. There is more lace and less material on everything. I think that companies and not just Victoria Secret are pushing less is good for our preteens. Hell, half time I can not even find a decent pair of underwear. If you think about it is not just less underwear but clothes in general. I feel like every time I got out I see preteens and teenagers half naked. What happened to dignity.

  4. rachel0minidis says:

    I agree with this father, and you. Victoria’s Secret is a store that is mostly marketed toward women, and should stay that way. Not only for the fact that it is basically a lingerie and way too sexy and provocative for any 11 year old to be wearing, but also just for the mere price of it. I have a hard time spending $50 on a bra and I know it is something that I need and can use for many many years, for an 11 year old who is still growing, a $50 bra doesn’t even make sense, it won’t fit her in a year.

    I also like this post because I had a friend in middle school and high school, who every time we went shopping with her mom, we ended up in Victoria’s Secret, shopping for her. So we were maybe 13 or 14 but her mom would take her in there and not only buy her the expensive bras, but also for every bra she bought, she had to get a matching pair of underwear. I didn’t understand it then, and I still don’t understand it now. Why does a child need such expensive underwear, and matching underwear at that?

  5. lysaleh says:

    That’s crazy. I had never heard about this line from Victoria’s Secret. I think targeting girls at such a young age to shop at stores known mainly for their lingerie is a little ridiculous. Yes, they have a PINK line for the younger crowd but buying hoodies/pants for teens is one thing, but having undergarments made for such young girls and buying them at such a young age seems silly. I agree with the father!

  6. halkhaya says:

    I think that Victoria’s Secret is a store for women not for teenage girls. Middle school aged girls are too young to buy undergarments from this store. If they are really interested in this store, they can buy perfume, makeup, lotion and other stuff. Pertaining to what you have mentioned about this father, I think that he made a great decision by writing that letter to Victoria’s Secret.

  7. katieblacker says:

    I agree, I think middle school aged girls are too young to be shopping at Victoria’s Secret. It’s one thing to be a twenty-something who is very comfortable with her sexuality and her body, but it’s another thing altogether to portray this image to a middle school girl who is still going through puberty and is still trying to come to terms with how her body is changing, etc. The last thing we need is for girls that young to learn that some men only want women for their bodies.

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