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I read this article and was highly upset. But it also reminded me this happened to me. I was working in an office doing worker compensation and was asked to train an assistant. I trained her and when the training was over so was my job. I knew it was because she was younger, thinner, and pretty. But trying to prove this to “male” bosses is another story. I feel no matter how much women make a difference in this world there will always be a “Male” to make sure they are always one step behind. Why do women have to go have surgery in order to further the job position and a man can put on the pounds and still climb the ladder. Women are under paid and under appreciated in many areas weather it be at home or work.


  1. ckazda2013 says:

    It shouldn’t matter what your size is. It is someone’s education and background that should count more over looks. Looks will go but personality and education will stay. If a male boss is just looking for a pretty face instead of someone to help make a business more successful they are stupid and their business will probably end up bankrupt in the near future.

  2. jasonjameson says:

    Any form of discrimination is wrong. Connie it is terrible and I think illegal that you were fired without justification, but you are right, it is almost impossible to prove discrimination and it takes money to sue.

    I have witnessed employer discrimination first hand. When I was a teenager, the manager of a store I worked at pick up an application and said something along the lines of, “that sounds like a ghetto name,” and threw the person’s application in the trash without even reading it! I was blown away. They could have been perfectly qualified, but the person did not even get their resume read. I had never seen such blatant racism. Although as the years have passed, I have witnessed far worse and very violent racism.

    At the same position, my co-worker and friend who happen to be an older male person of color said he used to park his car in in the parking lot of our eight mile store and then ride the busy the few miles up the road every workday, otherwise he would get pulled over! He said, he stopped doing that around 1999. He was an honest hard working person. I believe him, especially when I saw the boss throwing out people’s applications. Also, my friend was not hired by the racist boss; he transferred in and had been with the company for many years.

    Back onto size discrimination, according to USA TODAY, it appears that males are also targets of size discrimination, but to a lesser degree.

    The following stats are from 12,000 sample study of Bureau of Labor Statistics for one year, from the USA TODAY article.

    How much less women earned: 2.3% to 6.2% (I averaged this to 4.25*)
    How much less men earned: 1.4% to 4.5% (I averaged this to 2.95*)

    Therefore, woman received about 30% on average less than men, who were discriminated for size.*

    *I also averaged the values to receive a rough average. However, to be accutre I would need all 12,000 entries to conduct accurate analysis.

    In addition the authors of the 12,000 sample study said, “discrimination appears to be the most likely cause,” of the discrimination.

    I am glad we are bringing these issues to light. The first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge it.


  3. halkhaya says:

    That is very heartbreaking. It’s not fair that your boss fired you and hired someone else for that reason. Discrimination is totally awful whether in the workplace or in any other place. Nowadays, it’s common to see some people value others based on how thin, young, and pretty they are rather than their personality, competence, and education.

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