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The Invisible War

I went to the event of Invisible War on Mar 21, 2013. The film Invisible War is about how women are being raped in the military. It was sad, painful, and heartbreaking to listen and watch the victims tell their stories of how they were raped. One victim is Kori Cioca who was a U.S. Coast Guard. She was raped by her supervisor. She is now battling with Veterans Affairs to win approval for a surgery for breaking her jaw which happened while she was being raped. The raping crimes are shocking, but what is more shocking is that when those victims file a report against the rapist, there were no actions taken and the cases have been closed due to “Lack of evidence” or other stupid excuses. It is unbelievable that while those women do their jobs and work hard to defend and protect our country, they are rewarded by being raped! What kind of world are we living in!

Rape, whether in the military or any other place, is a horrible crime. Rapists are sick people who need to be given severe punishment. If there is a severe punishment given to them such as going to prison for the rest of their lives or even execution, I think the rape crimes would be vanished. I don’t know when the time to stop such crimes is. I don’t know why people in the Congress don’t make a strict legislation that could prevent such crimes. I think our society doesn’t care about this issue because the victim is a woman who is degraded, humiliated, and devalued. Women, we must take an action because the society that we live in is blind. We should establish our own organizations that actually care about women. Even in the film, I see that the men’s side is taken over the women’s, for example, how the rapists’ names or photos are not mentioned or shown. The names of those rapists should be mentioned so that we know what kind of cruelty they committed. By mentioning their names, the rapists will feel ashamed and embarrassed of their brutal actions. I don’t know how they became supervisors or commanders with the vicious trends they have. After watching the Invisible War, I was persuaded that I myself and every woman should tell everyone about those victims of rape. Telling their stories will help and support them because they have gone through a difficult and terrible time and they are still suffering from the society that doesn’t help them. Let’s help and support them anywhere and everywhere in any way. Writing about it is just a start.

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