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Circle Of Accountability Widens In Steubenville Rape Case

“After two football players were convicted in the Steubenville rape trial, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he will convene a grand jury in April to consider bringing charges against partygoers, school officials and parents who may share responsibility in the rape of a 16-year-old girl.”


I was happy to listen to this on NPR.  I was not knowing of the case before sentencing date. However after I found out about it, I wanted to see the video of the boy who referred to the girl as ” deader than O.J’s wife”. I watched this little obnoxious boy talk about a rape victim like she was a piece of trash left in the street. As I kept watching the video I seen kids walking in and out and around this house as if they were paying the mortgage on it. I too asked myself “where are the parents’. But I feel that if I start to make accusations against these parents and  where they where or what they were doing I would be doing myself injustice. Because I feel that all though they should have been more responsible they are far from being the only ones to blame. The world we live in today and the way many parents are constantly working to provide leaves less time to focus on parenting, schooling or counseling.  So all the information that kids gain than come from what they watch, who they hang out with and the music they listen to. These kids were only 16 years old and yes they were irresponsible and deserve what they received however we should blame our society for what it has become. It has become displaced and social values are a thing of the past. We now tend to a screen for comfort rather than a shoulder. If those boys would have been educated on rape and rape victims than the likely hood of them participating in that kind of vulgar action would have been unlikely.


  1. dsielski says:

    If there were parents home at the time of the party and condoning the fact that they had a bunch of teens underage drinking at their house then yes, I do think they should be held just as much responsible for what happened to this young girl. However, due to the fact that the parents were probably gone when this party was thrown, I do not think it should have anything to do with them. Furthermore, unless other kids saw the rape happening and did nothing to stop it, that is the only way I would say they should be charged. The fact of the matter is that at parties, there is always three or four people passed out by the end of the night and people passing by should not be held accountable for whatever happens to them. Sure, they should probably be helping the individuals that are passed out, but just leaving them there does not count as a criminal act.

  2. ckazda2013 says:

    I watched a 20/20 on this rape case and there were indeed parents for sure at one of the parties. They had eventually kicked them out making them wander over to another party. At this particular house though the girl was seen as intoxicated puking in the street. No one was taking care of her. If the parents were “good parents” they would have gotten in contact with the girls parents and any other kids that weren’t safe to drive home alone. The parents who own the house would be responsible for kids driving home drunk and the girls rape.

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