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Carl’s Jr. new commercial

This morning while I was flipping through the yahoo news, I ran into to an article about Carl’s Jr. new commercial for their new Jim Beam Bourbon burger. The commercial, which stars Heidi Klum, is based on a scene from the movie “The graduate”, where the character Mrs. Robinson seduces one of her students. So you might say how would that theme relate to a burger commercial? That was my thought exactly until I saw the commercial. The commercial shows Heidi Klum eating the burger in a very sexual way, while using the “burger” to a guy sitting on a chair guy across the room. This commercial is a prefect example of what we talked about in class, in terms of food advertisement that contradicts the images of thinness, with a lot of objectification.

First, the burger shown in this commercial, is just tiring to look it, because it is one stack of meat and cheese after the other, so basically if your looking for a heart attack then you should probably consider eating that burger. Though they show a supermodel eating this burger, which is beyond me, because we all know that Heidi Klum does not sit around and eat this burger everyday or any day in fact. Ultimately none of us are actually going to look like Heidi Klum after we eat this burger, I mean Heidi Klum wouldn’t look like Heidi Klum after eating that burger. Which brings me to my next point. In a country where obesity, and eating disorders are constantly on the rise, how is the advertisement of such foods is any good in solving this problem.  They are essentially making matters worst. I mean what happened to a simple burger with just one piece of meat on it? Do we really need to keep making burgers bigger every time in order to make it more caloric? Our bodies are not intended to take in such massive amounts of food.  And the fact that they have a supermodel eating and advertising this not helping either, because if someone that looks that good is eating that burger, then it will make the rest of us think that it is okay to eat something that unhealthy.

Lets try and change the scenarios now, and instead of Heidi Klum eating that burger lets say we have a fat old guy doing so. I’m sure, if that were the case it would probably restrain most us from attempting to eat the burger. Even though, it doesn’t matter who is advertising the burger, the burger is still going to have the same horrible affects on our bodies. So, basically in order to sell a burger or anything, we just use beautiful, skinny women, and their bodies to make our products more appealing to the consumers. However, that does not seem to be enough though; we must also sexualize the food as well to make it even more attractive.

These companies are very aware of how unhealthy their products are, so they try alluring us into buying their products, by such hypocritical ways, that need to stop.


  1. cindygam says:

    You make really great points about this commercial. I had to look it up and watch it. When I did I was disgusted!…This commercial is so lame. In the few seconds of the commercial the audience was fed so much blah! Heidi Klum can’t even hold that huge thing in her hand! (Your right she would never eat that) It looks disgusting and the way they try to sexualize everything, seriously was the 5 second screen shot from underneath her leg really necessary?
    The message that clearly bothered me was that they are trying to convince the consumer (MEN) that they need “this” to make them a man! Very interesting that the man that she was speaking to was not tall and muscular instead was thin, short and seemed very insecure. The message was clearly that this Burger (AND A WOMAN) would make him “A MAN”… ugh!

  2. rachel0minidis says:

    I think it’s funny you say none of us would look like Heidi Klum if we ate that burger, even she wouldn’t look like Heidi Klum. It’s in all fast food commercials too, like the skinny, attractive, super model-looking people eating the food that will make you look anything but those things. Now I understand that advertisers all use attractive looking people in their ads, and no body is going to be fat after eating one meal at McDonald’s, but I just find it kind of funny.

    Also, it’s funny because all throughout the summer, when the Olympics were on, I couldn’t help but laugh every time there was a commercial break, or a commercial for McDonald’s and it mentions how it’s the “proud sponsor of the Olympics”. It just seems very contradictory because you know that none of those athletes made it to the Olympics by eating McDonald’s, and that’s almost what it seemed their advertising was trying to say.

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