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Women’s Wrongs: Feminism’s Gains Are Washing Away – Henry Saadi


Before I log on to Word press to write a new blog for my Women’s gender studies class I always search feminism into Google. After I do that, I simply right click the news button and I come across many well recognized sources like The New York Times or the Washington Post that have recent articles that are based on feminism. I usually skim through 4 or 5 of them and I just pick one that intrigues me the most. Usually they are all interesting reads to me. The one I chose for this blog is Women’s Wrongs: Feminism’s Gains Are Washing Away” by  Nina Burleigh which was published in ” The New York Observer”. This article caught my attention because I think the author simply organizes a solid answer to the question of whether feminism is still needed today. In the article she argues that women around the world are still being victimized by misogyny. She states “Egyptian grandmothers who majored in gender studies in the 1970s are watching their daughters don purdah, nongovernmental organizations that once had hope for India and the backwoods of Pakistan stand by aghast at a rising tide of rape and acid attacks on girls, and Soviet professional women are watching their daughters become escorts. This after Russian women disappeared from top government posts following the fall of the Soviet Union”. This suggest that we are still far away from equal rights. The author does not let the United States off the hook either. She made a comment about Seth McFarlenes “boob song” which was the opening show for this years Oscars Ceremony suggesting that it was undermining women.

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  1. ckazda2013 says:

    I think the author is right that feminism is still needed today because women are still denied some rights that men have such as “equal pay for equal work.” I think that it is crazy that we still are having to talk about this issue along with abortion and birth control rights today.

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