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Divided by Abortion, United by Feminism – Henry Saadi


Most anti-abortion Americans today are also gender egalitarians: indeed, Shields notes, pro-life attitudes toward women’s professional advancement have converged so quickly with pro-choice attitudes that “the average moderately pro-life citizen is a stronger supporter of gender equality than even the typical strongly pro-choice citizen was in the early 1980s.” Among the younger generation, any “divide over women’s roles nearly disappears entirely.”

I was fascinated by this article written by Ross Douthat in the New York Times. It suggest that Feminism as an egalitarianism movement  has brought together feminist who believe are pro-choice and those who are pro-life.  Douthat states “The pro-life cause has proved unexpectedly resilient, in other words, not because millions of Americans are nostalgists for a world of stricter gender norms, but because they have convinced themselves that the opportunities the feminist revolution won for women can be sustained without unrestricted access to abortion”. This is surprising because I believe that most Americans have an idea that feminism must be pro-choice. This is not true , in fact as Ross states many feminists are gladly happy to take on a feminist role without sacrificing their beliefs. This makes me wonder about the politics behind feminism.  Does this polarize the movement and are their other sub communities within the movement? Questions like these must be answered soon in order to keep the movement United. If not then the movement can be its own enemy in the future.

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