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Definition of Family in the Textbook

After reading this article, I can honestly say I agree with everything the author touches on. It is understandable how the percentage of the “nuclear family” has decreased tremendously. More and more female- headed households starting to come about. People are beginning to feel more comfortable about opening up and allowing their sexuality to be known. Gay and lesbian households do seem to be much more common nowadays.

I can understand how lesbian households are more likely to live in poverty than the average married heterosexual couples. I only agree with this because it is easier for the heterosexual husband to be able to obtain a high position in a company making more money than women. Households featuring the average non- married heterosexual couples who have children are simply afraid of commitment in my opinion. People aren’t as quick to jump into a marriage as they were in past decades. I agree with the author that the “normal” definition of a family in America does not exist.


  1. alemara123 says:

    Everything is changing these days. I remember when I first started studying in school and college, I just learned one definition of a family. Today, specially in this class, I am surprised of how it changes. There are more definitions and more kinds of marriage. Our world is changeable in everything.

  2. fatimafak313 says:

    I agree with you Alicia and the author. If we watch television from the 50’s and television now we can see the meaning of family has changed. I also like the point made “that the “normal” definition of a family in America does not exist.” It is very true, there is no norm to family in today’s society. What one family can view as normal another might view as not normal. There is no one definition.

  3. Tammy Burt says:

    The definition of necular family once ment mother and father being married and having children. Today there are an increase on single house holds which are being ran by single fathers. I admire a man that make the choice to rear his family inspite the woman not being there. I can recall my nephew talking to my sister he was giving what he believed the meaning of family was. He stated that it was mother, father, son, daughter and a pet. So my sister replied that if the father is not there does that mean it is not a family? He said that it could still be family if the father wasn’t in the picture.

  4. mpietila says:

    After I first read that lesbian couples usually have a lower SES, I was surprised and maybe even offended. Was this another way for society to say being gay is bad? Or was it actually true. However, once it stated that it was because women usually have a harder time gaining high job positions, it made much more sense.

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