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Class Discussion about Seth MacFarlane’s performance

I personally wasn’t offended after watching the video on Youtube in class of Seth MacFarlane performing “We saw your boobs,” at the Oscars. I didn’t feel as though he was purposely or intentionally trying to offend anyone. I agreed with one of the two articles we read in class more than the other. The first article written by Amy Davidson was blown completely out proportion in my opinion. Instead of getting straight to the point about what really upset her about Seth’s performance, she began her article by bashing him immediately. She was so focused on just being angry, it seemed as though she was already holding something personal against Seth. At some point she even mentions a joke told by MacFarlane about Jenifer Aniston and Meryl Streep not admitting to ever being an exotic dancer, which was obviously a joke. She took every piece of humor in the show and tried to pick it apart to somehow make it a bad thing.

It was like a breath of fresh air after reading the second article written by Victoria A Brownworth. She mentions some points during the Oscar show that MacFarlane may have been wrong in some of the jokes that were made. On another note she also give acknowledgement to the jokes that were actually funny as she tells her readers about it. She showed her sense of humor by not taking everything so seriously as Davidson did in her article. Brownworth ultimately didn’t believe that MacFarlane was trying to offend anyone and neither did I.


  1. jtfick says:

    I completely agree with you about the two articles we read in class. In the first article, the author was so angered that she wasn’t able to realize the true meaning behind the video, “We Saw Your Boobs.” In MacFarlane defense, everyone expected the presentation with him being the host to be comical. This video was nothing more than humor with those who surrounded him in the audience.

  2. maelsaye says:

    I agree with your post as well. If you are offended by a comedian’s jokes, then you obviously shouldn’t be watching comedy. Sometimes a joke is just a joke, not an attack that’s disguised as a joke. And to be fair, all the women Seth MacFarlane mentioned in the “I Saw Your Boobs” skit actually did show their boobs to the entire world. They signed the contract, and all Seth did was state the facts. Lighten up people.

  3. lysaleh says:

    To be honest, the only time I saw the clip was during class and I was surprised at first. When the scenes of the actresses’ reactions were put into the video and I thought they were real, I was upset that he sang the song. After we discussed it and I read the second article by Victoria A Brownworth, I understood that it was meant to be comical (I didn’t even know who Seth MacFarlane was before this). I guess people misunderstand things when they don’t give them a chance. I’m glad we were able to discuss this in class so I could actually have an informed opinion.

  4. dsielski says:

    Being that MacFarlane didn’t even write his own jokes, I don’t see how the first author even has grounds to criticize anything that he said at the Oscars. If she wants to take up a problem with someone, in order to fufill her feminist, man-hater stereotype, she should be talking about what a terrible guy the writer of the jokes is, not MacFarlane. To me, it is somewhat a problem of “not shooting the messenger” in that MacFarlane only delivered the message, it wasn’t his message personally. The second author clearly has a more neutral position on the sexes and saw the performance for what it was, full of jokes, meant to cause laughter.

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