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Beauty or Career?

After reading the article, ” China Cosmetic Surgery Craze ” by Jonathon Watts,  I was reminded of the pressure I felt as a young teenage to alter my body in order to be accepted.  Now see in China, there are requirements  that one must be a certain height  in order to obtain certain career and that many people are risking cosmetic surgery to be tall for a good promising career.  Isn’t it bad enough the media pushes mainly women to alter their appearance to be beautiful or accepted.  Just from magazine and here say from my peers ( some adults too ), I, at the tender age of 11,  wanted so badly to have surgery because I was told that if your knocked knees the world will find you unattractive.  I was told that men like bowed legged women and no one would marry me.  I begin inquiring if it was possible to have it surgical changed or fixed cause I didn’t want to be the ugly duckling.  For me, it wasn’t worth the cost or the pain and I didn’t want to risk any possible mishap that could happen after surgery. Although my legs fill out and the knocked kneed issues over, still I often wonder if I had the money would I have done the surgery just to fit in? Would I have paid for surgery in order to fit in society?  To be accepted. To gain a better career. To be in a magazine photo shoot?  It seems that because we have the available tools and knowledge to alter our appearance, it becoming more important than actual education itself.  So now children not only have to worry about education but they also (depending on demographics) are imposed with worrying about if surgery is needed to alter themselves. My nose is not normal or I’m too short  to fit in? Is this going to be our future, a future where no one looks like they were genetically born? What happen to us  just accepting who we are,  enhancing who we are without the surgery? It seems we now use short cuts and use extreme methods to be what society calls BEAUTIFUL! I was always was told true beauty is best but maybe that has changed.


  1. Stephanie Jones says:

    Is it not enough that society tells us that we have to meet certain beauty standards? Now it’s employers too? A week or so ago, I saw an episode of National Geographic’s series Taboo on beauty, and there was one girl in Russia who wanted to get a procedure done that would lengthen her legs. Surgeons actually broke her legs in a couple different places and pulled the bones apart so that when they healed back together, a total of just over an inch would be added. Such a drastic and painful procedure for an inch. When I read that there were certain jobs in China that required people to be a certain height, this is immediately what I thought back to, and I couldn’t help but feel that putting beauty requirements on jobs would only further encourage, drastic and, quite simply, unnecessary procedures, procedures that could very well put your life at risk. As if the media and society didn’t already make it hard enough to feel comfortable in our own skin.

  2. mtmorgan2013 says:

    it sucks because our differences are what make us unique , what makes us special , what makes us . “us” but i believe that with the awareness level raising about things like this that our society will catch on as a whole and be them selves. if we all are the same then what do we have to gain. from each other from life from reality. i hate how our image ultimately determines who people perceive us as. im a black guy and i have tattoos does that make me a thug. anyone who knows me would say no but when people look at me thats the first image they get . which is unfortunate because thats what i strive not to be. i just think our image should not determine what people think of us because we all look different and we will never fit into what society wants us to be because all we can be is ourselves no matter what that may be.

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