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Average vs. Ideal : The real representation.

Since our assignment was to find a positive portrayal of women in the media, I had thought about the shows/movies/magazines I read/watch on a daily basis. It took me a very long time before I came close to anything even close to a positive portrayal of women in the media. The only show I watch that can be considered-not even positive- but a realistic portrayal of women in the media is Girls on HBO.  Personally, the reason I love the show is because it brings something different, something our eyes are not used to, something we’re not accustomed to seeing; real women. I’m not just saying that because Lena Dunham’s body type does represent the average body type, but every character on Girls has something unique yet easily relatable, something we usually never see on Television.

I had come across this article that opened my eyes to something, why was it such a big deal that Lena Dunham got naked on TV? yet any other supermodel or size 0 was more than allowed to have a sex life?

“Dunham’s body is what women see in dressing rooms, in locker rooms, and in the mirror. But seeing it in a space typically reserved for stick-thin starlets seems somehow avant-garde. And that’s just silly, isn’t it?”

Isn’t it ridiculous that when someone finally represents the average woman, we fight it? we judge her for it? We second-guess “how could she have landed such a hot guy like that when she looks like that?” I’ve read countless articles that claim the show is unrealistic because in reality, someone that looks like Lena Dunham wouldn’t have landed a man like Patrick Wilson.  It’s ridiculous, because the truth is, a lot of people look like Lena Dunham…and I just cant seem to see a problem with that at all? If we truly want to teach our generation as well as future generations that “looks don’t matter” or “you can achieve whatever you set your mind to”, then why don’t we actually start living that way as a society? Start encouraging shows like ‘Girls’ that represent real women, and stop judging everyone who doesn’t fit the description of the “ideal woman”.  It just seems unfair that we keep preaching these values and questioning why the society is driving everyone’s self-esteem down the drain, yet we’re not willing to make the change ourselves and accept it when other people do.

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  1. neshaw2013 says:

    I have watched several episodes of the show Girls and agree with you that Lena Dunham and the other actresses on the show provide interesting and realistic characters. Likewise the media’s obsession with Lena Dunham’s weight is absurd and it sets a positive example that she is actively challenging society’s opinions. I recently read a Rolling Stone magazine from a few months ago that featured a large story about her, as well as featuring her on the cover, that I found to be particularly insightful.

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