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53 Million

The last two weeks all I could think about after seeing Heather Ault‘s presentation on Pro Choice is the 53 million legal abortions that was performed. My mind instantly went to that is astonishing how many lives that were lost. Also, if those were the recorded abortion how many really took place??? I am sure you can tell by now I do not agree with abortions. Yes, people have the right to do what they want concerning their bodies. I just know that it is not a choice I could make for myself. My heart goes out to the women and men who had to make such a decision.

As I was sitting listening to Heather Ault’s presentation and how her spin on Pro Choice is to make it “positive”, by using positive slogans. I do not think that even using positive slogans or trying to make abortions seem like a positive choice can make it positive. This subject is talked about but there are few people I believe that could say that it was the best choice that they ever made. Matter of fact most people are ashamed to talk about it because abortions are frowned apron in society mostly due to religious factors. Even students usually would pick the subject to write about in research papers, but even there papers do not make it glamorous.

I am aware that she is trying to put a positive spin on how people view the right of women/men to choose to have an abortion. That abortion is not just a choice for the poor couple who cannot afford to have a baby, or the young girl who would shame their parents or herself. Nevertheless, my attention is still drawn to the abortion itself. The abortion, the act, the procedure, the lost, the mother and father emotional impact is where my mind tends to think about. This is why I think it is hard for me to view abortion as being positive.  It is not the right of the person to have abortion that makes me think an abortion could never be but in a positive light but the mental image that has been plastered in our minds of the procedure. I do respect Heather Ault and her work and accomplishments. However, I think it is going to take a lifetime to change this into something that is positive. What do you think?


  1. mtmorgan2013 says:

    i totally disagree with you, because no one tells you to get your ears pierced or how to wear your clothes because its ur body. people go out and buy 1000$ outfits and that because they can. i know that’s not the best example but i say that to say you do what you want because you want to. how can you speak for a poor family who can barley put food on the table and happens to get pregnant . is adoption a better choice . i don’t think so because mothers and fathers still have those feeling they would have if they had aborted the baby. maybe even worst, how can you speak for that girl who gets raped ., i think this discussions has alot to do with social class, and economics because for a young black man who has be through poverty my whole life i understand the down side of bringing in a child you can barley feed and not being able to pay bills cause of lack of money . you have to really open your mind and put urself in a situation of someone ho is not your self. just because you wouldn’t do it dose not mean some people have no other choice.

  2. jsegrist says:

    I think abortion will always be something that is a constant struggle. People focus too much on the rights of the fetus and the rights of the mother. They aren’t viewing the mother’s financial situation or their environment. Abortion shouldn’t be a battle between whose rights outweigh the others. It’s about what will be best for the people involved and the potential future for the baby. People who aren’t involved in the situation should have no say in what the choice should be.

  3. selmasri2013 says:

    Abortion is a very controversial subject matter everywhere we go. I agree with you because I felt the same way after the presentation. I did not have anything against Heather Ault personally because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I agree with your statements about her trying to put a positive spin on abortions, and people might not see eye to eye with that. Overall her presentation and hard work is something to be respected even if it goes against certain beliefs.

  4. khamida23 says:

    Abortion will always be a controversial subject because people will never understand what to do in that position unless you are personally in that position yourself. I understand what you are trying to say about it not being a positive matter because you are “killing” a life, however that is because anti-absortion campaigns have done an excelent job in conditioning that image into our minds. What if pro-abortion campaigns decided to use a mental image of people throwing away their infants in the garbage can, or soffocating them because they are extremely struggeling to feed that child. I know this is extreme, however this is the opposite side of the coin. I agree with you in the sense that this would be one of the hardest decisions anyone could make.I do not know, if I was in the situation, what decision I would choose.

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