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Ohio Rape Case

This. Is. Ridiculous. It’s been all over the news. The Ohio case of a teenager who was drugged and raped at parties by a group of teenage boys. There were pictures, videos, witness testimonies; everything to prove that assault took place without this young girls consent. Yes, two of the boys were tried and thankfully convicted. However, they got a minimum of one year which is what they will most likely do. In the video above, and in other articles I have read, the media is portraying the offenders as victims. Young boys who had so much ahead of them and now their lives are over. They seem to completely forget about the actual victim. The 16 year old girl who doesn’t even remember the night she was attacked; the fact that pictures of her were sent to classmates and that she was violated in the most inappropriate way and couldn’t even stop it.

There were teenage boys who testified in saying they witnessed the attack but did nothing to stop it because it didn’t seem forced; and that’s what rape was right? Just forcing yourself onto someone. Perhaps it just slipped their minds that violation an unconscious girl was considered wrong. I don’t know. They just went on about their night and did nothing to stop the boys from raping her.

This just reinforces the fact that rape and assault on women must be the woman’s fault. They would say that maybe this girl shouldn’t have drank so much or maybe she should’ve worn less revealing clothes, then this wouldn’t have happened. That is absolutely ridiculous. These kids should have known that this was wrong and the kids who witnessed it should’ve done something to stop it. The real victim here is the young girl who was raped, not the kids who did the raping. It makes me sick that anyone would portray these kids as the victims. I’m glad two were convicted; and they deserve as much jail time as possible and whatever consequences that come with their crime.


  1. dsielski says:

    I agree with the fact that what the boys did was wrong but I feel as if you are falling into the feminist “man-hater” stereotype with this post. You said the victim was drugged. No she wasn’t, the victim was drunk, furthermore she was drunk on her own free-will they weren’t forcing drinks down her throat. I feel as if you want people reading this blog to think as though the boys rufied her and took her behind a woodshed or something? Not making excuses for the boys actions but the simple fact of the matter is that the victim, also underage, should not have been black-out drunk in the first place and none of this would have happened. You say it is absolutely ridiculous that people would think this way? No, that is the way people should think. If this woman is such a victim in this whole thing because she was taken advantage of after she blacked out, then why wouldn’t people tend to think that she should have probably known her limits, not drank so much (or at all), and none of this would have ever taken place.

    • ebarnesl says:

      I can see by your post that you are one of those men who feel that the victim is the one to blame for what happen to her. Does it matter if the victim was drugged or drunk, she still did not give her consent to be raped. I don’t know about any body else but I’ve had my share of tying one on but does this mean I need to be raped? How would you feel if this was a family member of yours would you still have the same attitude? It states in our book on pg.511 if someone is asleep, passed out or incapacitated by alcohol or drugs and can not consent then it is rape . You need to grow up!!!

  2. rachel0minidis says:

    This whole story makes me so mad. It makes me so mad for so many reasons. For one, okay, so she was drunk, that’s what most people do when they go to a party. I also know that when people are drunk, they do things that they would not normally do because of pressure from other people. So whether she was drugged, or just drunk should really be irrelevant. Bottom line is, she was intoxicated and not in the right state of mind to make any decisions about her body and consent to anyone having sex with her. So even if she wasn’t black out drunk (and according to witnesses, she was), she was still too drunk to give any kind of consent. Plus, you would think that any guy would understand that if a girl is in her right state of mind, she more than likely doesn’t want to have sex with two different men in the same night.

    This case also makes me really mad because of how everyone is calling these boys “kids”. Okay, sure they’re not 18 yet, but they are 16 and 17, what is another 365 days on this earth (give or take a few days) going to teach them to where they’ll grow up and realize this is rape. If you don’t know it’s rape at 16 and 17, you don’t know it’s rape at 25 or 30 and it was bound to happen again if drastic measures were not taken. I don’t care how old you are, 18 or 9, you should know what rape is and know that it’s not right.

  3. analyg says:

    I hate the way the news are set up.
    Why is it that the female gets completely forgotten about? It’s either that nothing gets said about her or it’s that she was too drunk or she was wearing inappropriate clothing and she instigated it. Absolutely not, these guys did it and they screwed their own life up. Sure, they lost what they apparently had going for them. But they ruined one girls life, forever…like, forever. Do they think about that when they create the scripts for news? Or when journalists write their articles? Think about the life of this girl. What’s it going to be like for the rest of her future?

  4. analyg says:

    And to dsielski,
    Yeah, the girl didn’t need to get so drunk, but that gives them the okay to do this to her?
    “If she wasn’t black out drunk, none of this would’ve happened.” Why does being drunk give the excuse for them to be able to violate her body? Did she give consent to them to touch her body? No. Then they should’ve stayed away from her body, end of story.

  5. ebarnesl says:

    You are right this is ridiculous, with all the pictures, videos and witness testimony the boys only got one yr. What is that a joke? If they are old enough to do the crime then they should be old enough to do the time. They should have gotten the maximum sentence allowed. I think the ones who stood by and did nothing should have been sentenced also. I t makes you wonder if these boys where ever taught right from wrong. And that other jerk saying it didn’t seem forced, I guess not if the girl was out cold.
    It states in our book on pg. 511 that if some one is asleep, passed out, or incapacitated by alcohol or drugs and can not give consent then it’s rape. With all the women out there who are willing to give it away for free why do men feel the need to rape women. Like you said why does it always have to be the woman’s fault? There use to be a saying that if just one man could give birth he would tell the men of the world about the pain and women would be treated a lot different. If more men where on the other side of the rape case they would learn to keep their weeder in their pants.

  6. Dustin sielski says:

    When did I ever say that it gave the boys an excuse to rape her!? Of course it didn’t give them an excuse. I said that by getting drunk to the point where you are blacked out was irresponsible for her or anyone to do because when that happens, you have no control over anything else that happens. I made this comment before i read all the facts of the case and yes the girl was a victim and what the boys did was terrible and inhumane. However, i still feel that if someone can not handle their alcohol, they should cut themselves off far before they are to the black out stage to ensure nothing like this would happen.

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