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Omg , I am Fat!

Omg , I am Fat!

     In this article, Jennifer Lawrences’s weight is discussed. The title of it is “Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Her Weight,Again…”, emphasizing again. the article shows how much this actress’s weight is the highlight of her career. she is a very successful talented, and gorgeous actress who stared in many movies such as “The Hunger Games” and “Winter Bones”. “I am obese in Hollywood”, the actress says jokingly. Abbey Stone, the writer of this article criticizes Jennifer for the word “obese”, she wonders how can some one who is trying to be a role model for girls about being fit, describes her self as obese (even sarcastically)? that word could trigger a lot. 

       The thing  is, Jennifer Lawrence’s body is fit and healthy!  The new study published by the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reveals that  the teenage body image i every much  influenced by what they see on television and in movies and magazines. DUH! We here everyday about people being bulimic or suffering from anorexia. This weight problem extends to threaten teenager’s lives as well. Women’s body is a very trending as well as sensitive topic in society, its being portrayed as a merchandise. You see a commercials everyday that has pictures of appealing women with perfect bodies: small waist, tan, toned legs, and many other. you go to an auto show and you see models displayed beside each car.
     Its not just commercials or teenager things. The perfect body is also portrayed in many children shows. When was a Disney princess fat? Never. All princesses have the perfect body. Thats what our children watch and learn from, since media is a highly effective social institution now a days. Then, they group up from princesses and fairy tales, and realize that they have to starve themselves (just like many Hollywood actresses did) in order to feel satisfied, moreover, so the society would be satisfied.

     And when was being healthy and happy wrong and being “underweight” right ? 


  1. katieblacker says:

    I think that Abbey Stone is missing the point in Jennifer Lawrence’s quote – I think she’s saying that Hollywood would consider her obese because Hollywood traditionally has unreachable standards for what is considered “thin” and “healthy”. Jennifer Lawrence is making a criticism of Hollywood by saying that. She’s not being a bad role model by describing herself that way, and in fact I admire her for saying that and bringing attention to the fact that in Hollywood her perfectly healthy, slim body is considered overweight by many people. This is a sign that the media definitely needs to change its perspective! I like the quote at the end – I’d rather be happy and healthy than worrying about my weight all the time as well!

    • sahachem says:

      I am not saying she is a bad role model , I am just saying that she has to watch the words she chooses. Girls are now looking up to actresses in Holly wood to define themselves, I am not saying that is right or support that, but they do. I see many girls commenting on pictures of celebrities saying “ I want her body”, or “ I wish I can be as this as she is “. By calling herself “ hollywood fat “ , she is still using the word fat which is a trigger to lots of girls who are experiencing psychological distress. I don’t disagree or agree with the author that much, because she is being sarcastic about being fat but the author still has a point.

  2. meganparuta92 says:

    I agree with the post above – that Jennifer is simply criticizing Hollywood. Hollywood has created such an unattainable image of what is beauty. Even if you don’t realize it, the magazines and the TV shows and movies all are all showing these perfectly unflawed women. Even magazines like Seventeen that you would think have unedited girls. But they don’t – I remember seeing something online where this little 14 year old sent a petition to the magazine requesting they do a month of unedited photos. Here’s a link to it, its definitely something to look at.

  3. ninazm21 says:

    I agree with katie, Jennifer Lawrence was challenging hollywood and its unattainably thin and “perfect” depiction of woman. I don’t think what she said would trigger distress amongst teenage girls struggling with their weight. In fact, it seems to do the opposite by stating that according to hollywood standards she’s obese and that notion is obviously ridiculous but not so false. Hollywood has depicted the normal women as being a level of thin that only a computer program could generate because it is not sustainable. This is true for society in general but on a lesser scale. Jen is simply stating that people are going to talk and ridicule but it doesn’t me what they say has to be applicable to you. It isn’t in her case and even though she has been ridiculed for her weight she’s not letting that effect her comfort with her healthy and fit body. Thats the message I think most people struggling with weight and body image issues would get out of hearing this comment.

  4. Jack Manska says:

    Propaganda and marketing never conforms to the truth. On another note; interestingly Michigan is the only state that has anti-discrimination laws for the overweight.

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