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judging women.

After watching the Missrepresentation movie in class this week, it really opened my eyes to things that I didn’t really pay attention to before. For example how women, even in the political place are being judged based on their appearances. I first could not believe how the qualifications of women politicians were always in question, when they were running for the presidency, just because they were women. And how much the media was focusing on their looks and what they were wearing instead of listening to what these women had to say and offer.  First we had Hilary Clinton, where people mocked her and called her awful things because they did not think she was attractive. I was applaud how all these old, angry and grumpy news anchors were poking fun of Hilary Clinton trashing her for not being good looking enough. I am sorry but most male politicians are not very pleasant to look at either, but we don’t hear about male politicians being judged for his looks, that’s because they are men and looks don’t matter when it comes to running the country. But somehow we always find a way to criticize Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin solely on their looks and beauty. When Sarah Palin came along all we would hear the media talk about is how hot she is, the clothes that she was wearing and whether she had breast implants or not. I found it absolutely repulsive that that is what the media was concerned about at a time when these women were making history for being potential presidents. But no, the entire time people were focusing and judging them on these trivial and superficial things that play no part on whether these women have the qualification to be the first female president. It really is sad, that our young children especially young girls who watch this, and they see how much people are putting such emphasize on these women’s looks, while discarding and belittling everything else they have done and have to offer for this country. We need to stop judging women on what we believe women should look like, or what kind of jobs women should have. We need to stop handicapping women by comparing them to men, while not looking at the big picture that women can also be intelligent, strong, creative and qualified of carrying out any task that a man can do. We need to start looking at people as individuals, not as female, male, white, black, Asian, because no matter what you look like on the outside, or what gender you are, that does not define who you are and what you are capable of doing.


  1. meerkat93 says:

    I remember during the 2008 presidential campaign when Sarah Palin was first named as John McCain’s running mate. The immediate reaction from the newspapers and the men I knew in my life was “she’s hot”. It made me so angry. They didn’t bother to research or report her political views or what she planned to DO as vice president (after all, the vice president is the one who will be in charge if the president dies or resigns). They only cared about her appearance. Meanwhile, John McCain was constantly being held up as a war hero and I never saw any analysis of HIS appearance in the media. It’s a vicious double standard that attempts to keep women out of positions of power. No one has the time to attain Americans’ standards of “beauty” and be Vice President of the United States.
    I agree with you that we need to focus on what people are capable of, not their appearance, especially in the political realm. I only wish more people thought this way.

  2. farteaga2013 says:

    I do agree that we need to focus on what people (politicians) are capable of, their views and as individuals rather than their appearance. But, I believe this starts with us. We, the people, need to make ourselves knowledgeable of the issues and vote for the one candidate whose views we can relate with rather than their color, race, physical appearance, etc. I wonder how people would vote if we listed the views of each of the candidates without displaying who they are or what political party they belong to. I have a feeling some people would actually vote differently than they normally do. For example, I know some people who vote Republican just because they consider themselves Republican but live as a Democrat (on government assistance and use their tax return to go to Vegas) or vice versa. Unfortunately, physical appearance is what most people fixate on especially in America. People spend a lot of money on beauty products. The most popular celebrities that are on most of the magazine covers are beautiful, thin, etc. Beauty is what sells magazines to the general public. So if it sells magazines, it may sell a political party running for the presidency. Being beautiful gives off the impression that one is a good person. People tend to trust beautiful people which is why a candidate who is smart, good looking and rich tend to be a political party’s dream candidate. If we want change to occur, it has to start with us. We have to change how we do things and help the generation see things differently. For example, if you are the editor for a famous magazine like Cosmo use women who inspire other girls/women for their talents and not for their physical appearance like Adele, Hilary Clinton, Jodie Foster, etc. But as a consumer, we can help the cause (due to the concept of supply and demand) by purchasing magazines that have these people on the cover.

  3. dsielski says:

    I would have to agree with the fact that most men are looked at for their political views and most women are only judged based on their looks. As a man not interested in the specific details of politics, I have definitely fallen into this trap. Because I didn’t know the platforms of basically any of the candidates, I would only gain perspective of the candidates based on pictures I had seen on the internet or on television, or based on what other people would tell me. When relying on the views of others, particularly men, for information about candidates, most often they would tell me how liberal or conservative the male candidates were and only how attractive or sexy Sarah Palin or the other candidates were. People in general, when viewing politics, need to look solely at the views of the candidates and not take their level of attractiveness into consideration.

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