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Love Your Fat Self

Everyone has a different image of how skinny someone should be before one is happy or is not considered obese. I chose to write about “Love Your Fat Self” by Courtney E. Martin. This article was a very interesting one because it is about a topic that is over taking the world, much of the young generation in today’s society and especially the United States in general, Obesity. This article is written by person who’s close friend “Gareth” is obese by clinical standards. She speaks on the personal experiences of Gareth and what are the intensions behind people’s judgments of obesity.
This article starts off by Gareth trying to get off the bus and a drunken man screams “Yeah, that’s right, get off the train, you fat bitch!” Now as a reader you do not expect such vulgar dialect in the opening lines but it captures your attention throughout the entire article. It captures the reader’s attention because each person has that little voice in their own head making unconscious judgments, and this person on the bus decided to let her hear his thoughts. Gareth was used to this and avoided reacting but what made me feel bad was that it is mentioned that she will think about the incident more than once throughout her day and it will bring her down. It was also very surprising that she didn’t react because of how normal this became to her and low her self-esteem probably was.
Why do people feel like they need to worry about other peoples’ weight? Is it because they are concerned? Or is it because they just can’t stand seeing overweight people due to the brainwashing of the media? In this article the only issue brought to attention that is caused by obesity is health issues. It is unhealthy for the obese people who do not have good fitness. Other misconceptions such as laziness or stupidity are inaccurate; in fact Gareth’s friend spoke about how she is such a hard worker. Gareth is a powerhouse at work, she is in a relationship, she dances, she is an activist, an actor, and she volunteers to help kids with aids. This is not what we picture when we hear obese women. We think the complete opposite and are quick to judge.
This article struck me because my younger sister was obese, and she was constantly being judged and criticized due to her weight. She has been obese for about her entire middle school and high school years but that doesn’t mean she has not been as successful or as productive as an average weighted person. She was always a hard worker and a very distinctive humorous character. But all these achievements and traits are faded out when someone looks at her all they see is a fat, lazy, selfish, person.
I know when I walk into any supermarket or let alone walk in anywhere; I automatically either judge someone walking or think about the judgments given to me in other people’s heads. This is the corruption that we all suffer from today. It has become an unconscious action that we don’t even believe is wrong. We believe we aren’t doing wrong because society and the media of today’s world have given us the image that this ok and has become a norm. But, the truth is if we stop our mini thought judgments when we see others, then we will have a clear mind and be happy with who we are not worrying about other judgments or what we think we should look like.
Our idea’s of obesity must change; it is not up to the public to decide how the personal life is carried out and in what ways. Obesity if anything is the norm in the United States, so why would the other weight classes judge the majority. We should be more acceptable with people’s weight especially that not all of it is caused by binge eating or anorexia, some of us are born with certain predisposed genes to obesity. Also, what may seem obese to one person may seem to be a normal sized person in the eyes of another.


  1. willisjm says:

    I enjoyed reading this blog post. This is a sensitive subject to me as my mother, and other women in my family, were obese for the majority of my childhood. It is painful to watch a loved one suffer from wrongful judgments based on their weight and as a child I was teased as well. Although I absolutely loved my mother and admired her and the other women in my family for their good qualities, Although I was thin to the point my family nicknamed me “toothpick”, I made sure to exercise daily. The reason for exercising didn’t have anything to do with focus on good health until I reached my early 20s. My peers had a way of letting me know that being “fat” wasn’t a good thing and that the inner-beauty of a person was irrelevant. In response to peer criticism, my workout plan as a teen had everything to do with maintaining appearance. Media played a major role in this back then and still does for youth of today. Our media discriminates on so many levels that it’s no wonder the self-esteem of our women, young and old, is an ongoing concern in the U.S.. -Jemina M. Willis

  2. skatiba says:

    The topic of obesity is an old and long debated issue in the Unites States. I read this blog with concerns about this issue. We suffer one of the highest rates of Obesity compared to other countries in the world and at the same time we export the image of glamor, Hollywood skinny models and all the weight loss products and medications. This issue is worth discussion and it has been discussed many times before but without any real progress. We need to find a real solution to this problem rather than just keep talking about it as we always did. The solution is has to be targeting people health with obesity and not their image. The problem discussed in the article and in this blog focused on the self-image and how we are judged by others. We are really driven by the images the media forces us to duplicate and follow. I believe that we should take on the obesity issue from a health prospective and not as an image problem.

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