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Dancing With The Stars Stereotypes

The article “Singing and Dancing with gender: Two essays on Reality TV,” mentioned the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars and its sexual stereotypes. “Shannon Elizabeth was shown kicking a punching bag, while the men were being reassured that ballroom dancing would not endanger their status as heterosexuals.” If a man is comfortable in his own skin it shouldn’t matter if he shakes his butt in front of a million viewers wearing a pink sparkling top. Back in the day, a man that knew how to dance and carry a woman across the dance floor was considered a real man.

In addition, Shannon Elizabeth shown punching a bag shows her being more masculine and athletic. Many women exercise and practice playing sports guys play. Sports isn’t just for men, women can play sports too. We can be just as athletic as a man. Although, most sports are played professionally by men, Jillian Michaels has made a whole career training and preaching healthy workouts that help both men and women lose weight.

On the show Dancing with the Stars, the judges are never surprised that the women are seen as the better dancers compared to males. “Adam Carolla’s dancing partner told him to roll up from his pelvis, he replied, ‘I’m not sure if dudes have a pelvis.” Men and women are both capable of dancing, however the majority of men see dancing as a women’s interest. Has Carolla never seen John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever or Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing? There is plenty hip and butt shaking from these two gentlemen that pull off an amazing performance in these two films. In my opinion, most TV shows stereotype sex and gender roles, however nothing is being done to change this.

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