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Health and Reproductive Rights: The Way It Was

In the article 47, The Way It Was, Eleanor Cooney interlocks her personal experience with abortion, Roe v. Wade and Pres. George Bush signing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban (PBAB) into law November 5, 2003.
After looking up the gruesome procedure for partial birth abortion, I thought about the knee replacement surgery I had a few years ago. They put me to sleep, made a 5 1/2 inch incision in my right knee, cutting through veins, arteries and tissue the surgeon pulled back muscle and tissue that supported my knee with forceps, then with the surgical tools sawed the femur and the tibia apart, removed the knee joint and replaced it with an artificial knee, hammered the artificial joint into the femur and tibia put surgical glue on the ends of the joint so that the bones were fuse to the artificial piece. To this day I have limited feeling and mobility in my right leg. I have female family members who made the choice to have breast cancer surgery, open-heart surgery, hip replacement surgery and the use of birth control. All of these medicals procedures could endanger a woman’s life and could be potential causes for protests. Pro-life often use photos of partial birth abortions to discourage abortion. Think of the medical procedures I’ve just mentioned photos of these surgeries could be taken out of content to discourage a services needed by an individual. As a health issue, a woman’s right to choose whether to have children or not is strictly between her, her God if she has one, sometimes her partner and her doctor.

Whether I believe in abortion is not important. The issue is that I believe in pro-choice. I believe that Government at the state, local or federal level should only be involved when practices causing serious disabling injury to women are at risk. I think that according to the guidelines of Roe v. Wade a fetus can survive outside the woman’s body after 24 weeks (three months) therefore,up until that point in time the type of procedures that terminate such a pregnancy is between the doctor and the woman involved. Not government interference.
Abortions are often used by young girls and women who are socially or economically challenged, women who have the number of children they desire and can love sufficiently. If government would put the same attention, funding and other resources on reducing crime, poverty, improving education, instituting fair and equitable health care the need for abortions and laws controlling women health care issues might be reduced.

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