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Gay Hate Crime


This article tells about a man who was brutally beaten buy NYPD simply for being gay. They were first called to handle a noise complaint, but once the officers found out the man was gay, they took it too far. There is even a part on the camera where the officer is turning the camera away from what was going on. They beat him so badly that he had to receive stitches, even when he was never resisting arrest.

This outrages me. Positions of power are the worst places in society for people to discriminate. People of power are the ones who make the decisions for everyone, they are supposed to treat everyone equally and make people feel safe. These are the instances that remind me how society feels about homosexuals, even when I’m surrounded by people who accept me. It’s really difficult for society to accept homosexuality when the people in positions of power: police officers, senators, law makers; are so hateful. Gays are still fighting for every day rights, things that people shouldn’t have to fight for. We have seen this occur time and time again with other minority groups, you’d think that society would learn by now. Police officers especially should make you feel safe. This case worries me. I worry that maybe if I get pulled over and they can tell that I’m gay then I will definitely get a ticket. Maybe I won’t be helped as much as a straight person if a cop can see that I’m gay. People in these positions shouldn’t hold hateful views, or if they do maybe they should keep it to themselves; it shouldn’t affect their actions.

This man was violated and severely mistreated just because he was gay. He wasn’t harming anyone, he wasn’t causing a problem or resisting arrest. He is a human being, and no one deserves to be assaulted because of who they are. I am hopeful that one day society will accept us and maybe I won’t have to worry about walking the streets at night or being victimized for not fitting in in the bathroom, but unfortunately I don’t think this day will come in my lifetime.


  1. ebarnesl says:

    I just read your post and the article and this type of behavior has got to stop. I don’t blame this young man for suing, he needs too. He should not only sue the city he should sue the officers and the mayor if he does not do any thing about this.

  2. dsielski says:

    I agree with the fact that sexual orientation should have nothing to do with legal issues handled by the police and what these NYPD officers did was downright awful. I feel that America is progressively accepting gays more and more, however, there is still much progress to be made. I was wondering, however, what you meant by gays not fitting in in bathrooms? I was trying to think of a possible scenario where a gay person would be out of place in the bathroom and couldn’t think of any? Maybe elaborate on the topic?

    • jsegrist says:

      I didn’t realize you replied to this post, I’m sorry. Me being a lesbian who dresses a bit more masculine than most females, I don’t necessarily fit in in the women’s bathroom. I tend to get looks often like I don’t belong in there. Sometimes people assume that I’m trying to be a guy so I shouldn’t be there, but just because I dress less feminine doesn’t mean that I should get looked at differently for using the women’s restroom.

      • dsielski says:

        Right, I can see how in that case there could be potential problems. I was more so referring to gay men dressed following the male stereotype of clothing and saying that there should not be any problems in that case.

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