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Amazons commercial for Kindle Paperwhite e-reader



Has anyone seen the new commercial for the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader?  I was watching TV. and it seemed like another boy meets girl type of commercial when it begins.  This good looking man strikes up a conversation with a beautiful woman in a bikini, on a beach, and they are talking about their e-readers.  He is having difficulty reading his Apple iPad because of the direct sunlight, and she seems to have no problem reading her Paperwhite.  She tells him a little about its benefits and he immediately goes on line and buys one.  When she asks him what he is doing he tells her he just bought a Paperwhite, and suggests they celebrate by sharing a drink. 

From this point on you would assume they share not only a drink together, but end up living happily ever after.  However, this is not the case at all.  She responds to his suggestion by telling him that her husband is buying her one now.  He replies:  “So is mine!” and they both turn around to look at two men at the nearby bar.  Waving and smiling at their partners.  Amazing.  I did not see that coming.  In fact, I wasn’t really sure I heard it right.  So I watched it more carefully the second time around, and yes, it was a gay couple and a heterosexual couple.   

Apparently this is no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the CEO of Amazon. Jeff Bezo and his wife recently donated $2.5 million to the pro-gay marriage campaign.  The company also received a 90 out of 100 in a report by the LGBT organization Human Rights Watch, indicating that Amazon supports its gay and lesbian employees, and customers. 

As you can imagine, this commercial is attracting lots of attention and people are commenting on line.  It appears that tolerance is winning out in this case.  Here are a few of the comments posted on the YouTube website:

  • “i love this commercial- so progressive! I can’t wait for the day when all commercials can depict gay couples without anyone thinking twice about it. it’s where our society is headed, people!”
  • “Amazon this makes me want to buy a ton of products from you, just because of the gay couple!”

What a risk by Amazon, but it seems to be paying off.  People are taking notice and talking about this issue.  I agree with the first comment.  I look forward to the day when a gay couple featured in a commercial, is not such an anomaly. What a great start in the right direction!


  1. jsegrist says:

    This is awesome, however I feel like big companies doing these commercials shouldn’t be a “risk” anymore. I hope that more companies can follow Amazon and make this a more “normalized” thing.

  2. rwhensle says:

    Audrey, I have actually seen this commercial. In fact, I saw it the other night as I was watching TV with my roommate. I didn’t catch the gay reference at first but my roommate brought it to my attention and so I had to rewind it. Being that I have a gay family member, I found the commercial pretty cool and progressive. My roommate, who happens to be one of my best friends of 10 plus years, made a comment that clearly just comes naturally in today’s society; “did you see how gay that commercial was?” Of course he immediately apologized about sounded offensive, but it just goes to show you that sadly, society isn’t totally quite ready for change.

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