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Trans Identities and Contingent Masculinitie:Being Tombois in Everyday Practice

Evelyn Blackwood reading “Trans Identities and Contingent Masculinities”Being Tombois in Everyday Practice.

After reading this article twice I’m still some what confuse or unclear of what a “Tombois” is. I get the part that they were born female but lay claim to being a man. So does this  mean if they lived in America they would be a lesbian? I know what a butch is so is hunters, toms and TB’s close to the same thing? In the beginning of the article Blackwood makes a few statements that has throwen  me off track. ” The English- derived terms speck to the influence of global LGBT signifiers but these masculine subjectivities are far from identical”. Does this mean that “Tombois” do not identify with the LGBT groups? As you can see I have a lot of questions. If you are a girlfriend to a tombois does this not make you a lesbian? The girlfriends are refered as “femmes,” and identify as normatively gendered women who are attracted to men, but you go with a girl. It would seem that the families and community does not seem to have a problem with the life style of their daughters being tombois. Something else I found strange ,why is it that you are the only one in your family to have so much freedom to hung out with the guys? If you like your freedom so much why do you still live with family members?

Let’s get to the subject of marriage, even though you see yourself as a man you are still suppose to get married and bear children. How does one go about finding a mate for their tombois daughters and how would a man feel about marrying someone who is a tombois? They have no opposition to marriage and say  it is “a source of meaning and pleasure allowing them to enjoy a homosexual relationship while pleasing their parents.” In this country that would be called on the down low or adultery. Something else that made no sense to me, you respect your mother by washing dishes and keeping your room clean but on the other hand it seriously challenge your masculine subject position to cook, are you kidding me.!! How can you do the other chores but feel that cooking is taking things to far. It seems to me you need to find your own place or go hungry. If any one in class has a better understanding about this article please let me know. Still Confused.( Evie)

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