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Stewroids – Gender Stereotypes

In a recent episode of family guy I watched, Peter gives Stewie, a baby, steroids because Stewie was beaten up by a baby girl at a birthday party. Peter goes on to say that the baby girl must be a lesbian because her hair was short and she had stubby legs.

This episode was meant to be funny, however, it clearly depicts the gender differences and gender stereotypes in America. First of all, the stereotype that men and boys are supposed to be strong and tough and women and girls are supposed to be fragile and weak is prevalent in this episode and in America. Peter is so distraught that Stewie, a boy, is beaten up by a girl, that he goes to the length of shooting his own baby up with steroids. Peter hopes that once Stewie is ripped from the steroids, that he will be able to reclaim his masculinity and not be a so-called “wuss” or “girly-man.” In reality, however, it is perfectly normal for a baby boy to get roughed up by a baby girl and not lose his masculinity, partly due to the fact that at such a young age there is no distinct masculine features shown by any babies. Another stereotype that shows up is that all lesbians have short, stubby statures and that they all have short, “butch” haircuts. Yes, it is true that some lesbians may have the features Peter portrays lesbians to have. However, not even close to all lesbians have these features, in fact, not even close to the majority of lesbians have these features. Peter and other Americans who encourage these stereotypes act to incorrectly label certain kinds of people in an attempt to limit the ways the people are supposed to look and act. Ultimately, sexual orientation is a personal preference, not a distinct look or set of actions.

Below is a clip from the Stew-Roids Family Guy episode.


  1. jsegrist says:

    I agree with what you’re saying. These sorts of shows, especially this one because it is so popular, strongly reinforce typical stereotypes within society. I think younger people who watch this would start to believe into these stereotypes and take it out into the real world. A lot of people need to distinguish the difference between reality and the fact that this is just a tv show.

  2. rghannam says:

    The thing about true comedy is you’re able to find the gold within anything, no matter the subject or severity. This show along with many others definitely uses stereotypes and of course if you get a laugh out of it as you’re watching, you’re conscious of this use and abuse of the stereotype. The one thing that makes you forget about certain feelings or put in a better mood is a laugh and there will be world peace before the use of stereotypes gets revoked from comedy. Also, while watching these things or even stand ups, you have to realize that it’s comedy and for the most part is unconsciously associated with jokes. People take jokes lightly and shrug them off mostly, meaning it’s not something to be taken to heart or even seriously.

  3. mtmorgan2013 says:

    this sucks becuause you can clearly hear peter make a decision about a woman saying she is a lesbo based off the way she looks. the sad part is although people find it amusing we all do this everyday and its unfair to the people we do it to. we all know the saying dont judge a book by its cover but we see a guy with a cowboy hat on and assumes he is a redneck but never once asked had a conversation with this guy. society is trained to think this way and it puts anyone who isnt the norm at a disadvantage because if ur differen then we all assume something is wrong with you #Promblem #Sterotype!!

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