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Society and the Ideal Beauty

Due to the routine and countless major problems in our daily lives, one could fail unintentionally to think of other’s concerns that might develop into public affairs. In the reading “Love Your Fat Self”, the author mentions part from the speech that was delivered by her friend Gareth. And here I would like to share some of her words: “It’s true. I’m fat. I am not attractive to most people. Most of the time, I am not attractive to myself. Where does that leave me? Angry with myself? Yes. Angry with society? No.” With these words Gareth talked about her experience with being fat. Her words were strong enough to express her anger toward people’s judgments of being overweight. Gareth, as her friend Martin mentions, is a brilliant, kind, and popular woman. Additionally, she is an actor and activist. It is very disappointing that people fail to see all these good qualities, and to judge her according to her body shape. Chapter five of the text brings up a fundamental issue of how societies, cultures, and mass media form a negative concept about the true model for “beauty”; in which they depict an unrealistic pattern for beauty. To a great extent, they all contribute and reinforce the practice of linking beauty to certain characteristics. Our societies assist in many ways to spread a wrong message of how we measure woman’s beauty. They advertise for the notion that a woman ‘s attractiveness is measured by how many traits she possess like being white, thin, soft, young, and healthy, etc. They encourage people to make judgments based on these qualities, forgetting about all those dark skin, overweight, middle aged and unhealthy women as if they have no value, and therefore they deserve to be marginalized. Nowadays, lots of women are inspired and motivated by the media which serves mainly the marketing system. Accordingly, you see most women rival to get the top selling products to look pretty, struggle to find the best cosmetic surgeons, and try out many techniques in hope to reach out the ideal beauty. And again, what is the ideal beauty? It is simply that endless list of human made characteristics which cause many women to try out several things regardless of the risk they may encounter just to meet the criteria and win the competition. One can’t deny women’s psychological need to sense their beauty from others. It’s the nature of most women being eager to hear a compliment of how beautiful they are. It’s good to care about how beautiful and good looking we are, but the most important thing is not to exaggerate and be preoccupied every time we leave home. Let’s search for the true beauty, the inner beauty, and make it the real standard to judge others. Let’ free ourselves of all these complicated concerns and enjoy beauty as simply as we can because it is difficult and impossible for us, human beings, to reach perfectionism.


  1. alemara123 says:

    Media is sending a very unhealthy and negative message to women by showing that the ideal woman should be thin, sexy, and beautiful. This message is leading many women to develop eating disorder which was explained in our book in chapter five especially the reading about “beating anorexia and gaining feminism.” It is not bad for women to be beautiful, but it should be reasonable and not hurting themselves. I agree with you that the true beauty is the inner beauty, is the moralism beauty, and it should be “the real standard to judge others.”

  2. balbojaw says:

    You’re absolutely right, we live in a society that judges people upon their looks; I personally know many people who are overweight but have very lovable personalities. Some people are genetically fat, so what can they do? The media spreads advertisements that effect people’s opinion as you said, and put too much pressure on individuals to stray from the norms of their body’s and genetics.

  3. ckazda2013 says:

    I believe that beauty means different things to different people. Beauty isn’t all looks, it can be personality and the way someone carries themselves. I agree with you that “true beauty, the inner beauty.” The media plays a huge role in the the way our society deems beauty to be. It is rare to see a fat spokes-model for a lip stick or eye shadow. It is just not the accepted norm.

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