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Transgenders Use of Bathroom

I ran across an article recently, on Yahoo Shine, which discussed the issue of transgender as it related to a family in Colorado.  The parents of a 6 year old girl filed a formal discrimination complaint against the Fountain Colorado public school system, for not allowing their child to use the girl’s bathroom. Their 6 year old was born a boy, however has wanted to be a girl since she was able to communicate her desires at 18 months, according to the couple. 

Coy is her name, and according to her mother, she has gravitated towards traditional girls’ toys, colors, and clothes since 18 moths of age.  At age 4 she was asking her parents when they were going to take her to the doctor so he could “fix” her so she could become a girl.  She was taken to a psychologist who confirmed that Coy was a transgender and from that point forward, her parents allowed her to “be who she was”.

Originally the school allowed her to act as a girl, but then in December, they reversed their decision and said she had to use the boys’ bathroom.  She was also given the option to use the nurse’s office or one of the teachers’ bathrooms.  Her parents removed her from the school because they feel this change will “set her up for harassment and bullying”.  They are homeschooling Coy until a decision has been made to allow her to once again use the girls’ bathroom and act as a girl in school.

This article really struck a chord with me, because I worked with a transgender person in a factory many years ago.  He was born a male, and his name was Leon.  However, he felt that he should have been born a female, and was pursuing a sex change operation at the time we worked together.  He dressed as a female, went by the name of Ginger, and was the most beautiful woman!  If you didn’t know the situation, you would have thought he was a woman. However, since he was technically still a man, he was forced to use the men’s room.  I know he was fighting for the right to use the women’s bathroom, but it was not resolved by the time I left the company.  Most of the coworkers who knew him as Leon, were accepting of his change.  However, there were those few, who would tease him, and laugh at him, and enjoyed watching the truck drivers who came into the plant, hit on him, thinking he was a woman.  I didn’t work directly with him, just in the same location, so I was able to observe these prejudices.  He suffered greatly at the hands of ignorant people. 

I applaud these parents in their effort to allow their child to act as a girl in every aspect of her life.  It takes courage.    


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  1. ebarnesl says:

    After reading the post Transgender use of Bathroom, more than a few questions crossed my mind. Like how does an 18mo. old baby communicate to his/her parents that they ddesires to be a girl? They are just beginning to form words and there langage is still limited at this age. And what does a 4yr. old know about getting fixed? Some one must have been talking with this child for them to even get the idea that they can be fixed.What kind og questions did the pschologist ask this child for him to make the diagnosis that this child was a transgender at 4?
    I agree with you that it is very courageous of the parents to allow this child to grow-up as a girl. You mentioned about a co-worker who was transgender and the people teasedhim and laughed at him and he was a grown man, what do you think is going to happen to this child at age 6? I don’t think the school should have allowed this child to use the girls restroom in the first place.Do the other parents know that this is happening? Trust me I don’t think to many parents are going to be as open minded as the transgender childs parents. In my opinion this is a little to much to soon. This child has a lot of growing to do,and I can see the haressment/bullying from others who don’t understand and who are ignorant.I would like to see how things turn out for this family 10-15 yrs from now.

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