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Birth Control

“My Fight For Birth Control” by Margaret Sanger tells the story of Mrs. Sacks, a twenty-eight year old mother of three who accidentally becomes pregnant with a fourth child. Her husband is an unskilled worker and it takes all of his earnings just to give his children the basic necessities of life. Knowing they cannot afford another child, Mrs. Sacks uses drugs and consults a five-dollar professional abortionist. Unfortunately, the procedure subsequently claimed her life.

This story, like so many other stories we hear pertaining to the topic of abortion, is unfortunate because it could have been prevented. What baffles me about the whole issue of abortion and women’s health is the fact that Republicans in Congress do not realize how many lives they can save if they give up on their campaign to narrow access to birth control. The story of Mrs. Sacks, whether it be true or not, happens in reality on a daily basis. And although I do not fully agree with abortion, I believe that that in America, the government should not interfere with our rights. If a woman wants to abort a child for whatever reason, I believe that she should be able to go to a licensed clinic and have it done by a trained doctor so she does not lose her life in the process.

I also believe that before abortion is even an option, women should have unlimited access to birth control. My question to Republicans and everyone else who is pro-life is this: If you are against abortion, then why are you against birth control as well? Doesn’t birth control prevent a woman from getting pregnant? Doesn’t birth control allow women to avoid having to get an abortion altogether? Why is birth control such a bad thing? The fact that Republicans would rather watch these women suffer instead of help them is something I will never be able to wrap my head around. Maybe the fact that I am a liberal Democrat is the reason I cannot see eye-to-eye with opposers of birth control. But at the end of the day, I see what surrounds me. I see the facts. I see women dying while we stand idly by and watch them suffer. This is not freedom. This is not liberty nor is it justice. It’s wrong.

Sanger ends her story by stating that she had made up her mind to tell the world about what is going on in the lives of these poor women. She states that no matter what it should cost, her voice will be heard. I don’t know about all you conservative Republicans, but I heard her loud and clear.



  1. alemara123 says:

    I am surprised with the information in your blog about Republicans and how they are against birth control. I just found out about that. I understand why the Republicans are against abortion, but I do not understand why they are against birth control too! I did one of my blogs about the same article, and yes, it is a sad story to know that a woman could lose her life due to abortion issues. I was emotionally hurt when reading that. I really appreciate how Sanger is a brave woman and I wish we have more women like her defending our rights.

  2. fatimafak313 says:

    Very valid points. The issue of abortion is a controversial one, I think she handled this situation in an educated way. I agree with you, I, too heard her loud and clear. She knew very well how to bring her points across, I agree with some points and with others I differ…but again, this is a controversial topic.

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