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I think it is very possible for a person to determine their gender at a very young age, and sometimes that gender doesn’t match the sex they were born with. This article on Yahoo discusses how a 6-year-old girl, born as a biological male, knew by the age of 4 that he was actually a she. The parents allowed the transition to happen, and the article talks about how the child’s school allowed her to use the girl’s restroom and participate just the same as all the other girls. However, the school decided to reverse this and now says that the child will have to use a separate bathroom because she isn’t really a girl. This led the parents to address the school and homeschool their child because they didn’t think it was a fair decision.

In my own opinion, I think it is absolutely ridiculous for the school to reverse their decision on this issue. It isn’t causing the children any harm, and it allows for the transgender child to feel comfortable in her school setting. This isn’t something that she is just doing for fun, it is a real issue and it’s who she is. It also shows the community, and society, that everyone is different and that people should be respected for who they are at any age. I think that this child should be allowed to dress and act as the appropriate gender, regardless of her biological sex and her age. The school should have no say in what bathroom she should be using, especially when it was allowed before. I think it is going to cause emotional damage to the child and it’s going to make her feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in school, which is where she spends a good portion of her time. If it were allowed in an elementary school for such a young child, perhaps schools of higher education would allow the same thing to happen. It is a small step, but it could open up the possibility for transgender people to feel comfortable using public restrooms and being recognized for their correct gender.

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  1. dsielski says:

    This is definitely a touchy subject when it comes to the bathroom. Being that some parents and school officials might not want their children seeing things that they shouldn’t be seeing at an early age. As a guy, I have no idea what girls do in the bathroom and I don’t want to know. I feel like girls probably feel the same way about the guys in the bathroom, and as a guy I know throughout the years in school some stupid things do occasionally happen in the bathroom. However, if a person is transgendered, maybe they would only feel comfortable being in the bathroom of the gender that they feel they are. But, if the anatomy of the person doesn’t match up with the bathroom then maybe there could be some potential problems? Not really a definite solution to this problem one way or the other.

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