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The Fight Over Birth Control

After reading “My Fight with Birth Control,” I agree with the author Margaret Sanger that “women should have knowledge of contraception.” Women should have the right to their own bodies no matter what society or culture they live in. This article was written in 1931 when women didn’t have a voice. Women in 1931 were thought of just to be able to breed ones family and carry on the family name.

The only forms of birth control used way back when were coitus interruptus (pulling out), or the use of condoms by well-to-do families. Women that were poor did not know the safe methods to protect themselves against a pregnancy, or could not afford condoms. When women would get pregnant they would make themselves ill by performing their own abortion against their husbands’ wishes.

This is sad that women had to go through this and suffer through a pregnancy they didn’t want, or abort their pregnancy themselves by risking their lives. Women should have the right to choose what they do to their own bodies. In addition, women need to be educated about their own bodies to be able to make the right decision for what is right for them. Today we are more educated about our bodies then we have been in the past.

Abortion and birth control is still an issue. When will society realize it is a women’s right to do whatever she damn well pleases to her body. We don’t need Congress to pass a law saying it’s okay for us to get piercings, tattoos, or have sex. So why should abortion and birth control be any different? We should be trusted by our government and the people in our society that we can make the right decisions by our self. Everyone may be having sex, but not ready for the consequences of having a baby that go along with it.

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  1. balbojaw says:

    Yes, I agree with you- women should have opinions and the right to make decisions, they shouldn’t have to wait for people to tell them what to do. Moreover, pregnancy and abortion is some thing personal that no one should involve them selves in- except for the woman herself.

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