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The Hijab

A lot of people have a view or perception about Hijab (Islamic female covering). Hijab in Arabic simply means barrier. It is to prevent and protect a person from committing a sin that will harm their soul. It is barrier between a good deed and a bad one. One can also have Hijab of the tongue; a barrier that stops you from gossip, to prevent one from the sin of backbiting. Hijab is not only for women but also for men. We just hold more of a physical approach to it. It a representation of Islam, we take it to be a flag of the religion that we represent. Women who wear the Hijab take it as honor to be waving the flag of Islam everywhere they go. We find it to be a beautiful privilege representing the religion everyday of our lives. Hijab is not only wearing the scarf it is also about preserving modesty, for both men and women. Men also have to apply Hijab in the same way a woman does expect for wearing the physical scarf. The hijab is meant to preserve the modesty of both females and males. In The Holy Quran (The Holy book of Islam), God asks of us to observe Hijab. God also states that “There shall be no compulsion in the religion.” (Chapter 2 verse 256). The Hijab cannot be forced on a person it has to be chosen. When it is chosen it is valued more. The Hijab, for me, is empowering and liberating from the gaze of a sexualized society. I choose to cover myself like others choose not to. Some people think just because I wear the Hijab I am a “poor oppressed girl” but it is just the opposite. I have a voice and I am not scared about it being heard nor do I follow a religion that suppresses me to do so. In Islam we have strong female role models that teach us women can be as great in society as any other. Just because I have a scarf over my head does not mean I have a scarf over my brain. I am woman and I have my own opinions and thoughts. Overall, this video- made by UMD students- could be helpful about Hijab. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy0llznRu30


  1. lekwatson says:

    Thank you for enlightening us on what the Hijab represents. Although America is an accepting society, when we have people who are willing to share information about their culture and habits that may not be familiar to us, it allows for the expression of religious freedoms and acceptance of diversity. No disrespect intended go to You Tube to view
    DEBARGE – You wear it well ,(1983) , Lp

  2. hebasha says:

    I really appreciate this blog post. I wear a hijab myself, and it was difficult for me to truly grasp the freedom associated with wearing it until I finally tried it out myself. I feel that now I’m far less concerned with whether or not my physical features are socially acceptable, because I want to be acknowledged for what I hold in my head, not what rests upon it.
    What I find really interesting though is the animosity and questionable behavior that some people feel towards the hijab becoming a fashion statement (if you’ve ever heard of turban hijabs?) or the various levels of “covering up.” I’ve gotten a few nasty comments from friends who say “You’re not wearing it right”, or “Your neck is slightly showing.” Would that mean I was doomed to hell because one centimeter of my neck was showing, or if a strand of my hair was accidentally exposed? It’s these little aspects of hijab that some scarved women focus so much on as they are slowly losing sight of its initial purpose.

  3. alemara123 says:

    I am impressed of your phrase ” just because I have a scarf over my head doesn’t mean I have a scarf over my brain.” We as Muslims women can be whatever we want to be. The hijab doesn’t prohibit us from accomplishing our goals. Some people I meet ask me continuously if the hijab prevents a woman from accomplishing her achievements, but your blog has proven that it doesn’t. Thanks a lot for choosing this issue to write about.

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