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Lullabies Behind Bars

After reading” Lullabies Behind Bars” I have come away with a few mixed feelings about the program. It appears to be a good program and yes these children are victims by default and some are even separated  from their siblings, so some of the questions I have are, are these mothers repeat offenders, what was the nature of their crime and how long will they be incarcerated? Some time ago I saw a program on T.V. called “Women Behind Bars” and it was based on women incarcerated women like  the ones in the article. They were put on a waiting list, had  to have good behavior and show signs of improvement and set goals for themselves. In the article it states that one program only accepts women who are serving a sentences of five years are less, does this mean that the baby will be in prison for five years? Yes it may be crucial to the child’s development to bond with its mother the first few months, but I have to question if it’s a good idea for a baby to stay in prison pass the age of one years of age? I also feel that if a women commits a crime then she should no longer have certain rights and if she’s a repeat offender she should not be allowed into the program. This may be a wonderful program but I would like to know the statistics of what happens to these babies after they leave their mothers and where the mother able to stay on the right path after serving their sentence.

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