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China’s Cosmetic Surgery Craze

People have always cared about their appearances, and therefore encouraged people to seek beauty. I used to hear my grandmothers say  ‘if you want to be beautiful, you have to be patient and bear the pain ‘. But nowadays, people take it too far, expanding the scale for what is beautiful; they put too much emphasis on looks and this pressure- for individuals to match that scale- is too much. I don’t know which scholars have the right to label what is beautiful and what is not, but I believe our beauty lays in our differences- the uniqueness of our own features, giving us our own special look. People put their lives at risk by trying too hard to reach the highest point in the looks scale. Overtime, cosmetic surgery somehow became a necessary step in that journey; and no wonder, since now it likes a prerequisite for finding a job in some countries. It was very interesting to discover that the number of cosmetic surgeries correlates with finding a good job or getting some privileges in China.  So, in China, if you don’t have enough money or courage to go through the pain of plastic surgery, you’re going to be left behind without getting any opportunities for jobs, schools, or even driving. Therefore, getting a job does not depend on a person’s skills, but rather on their looks (and consequently their numbers of cosmetic surgeries).

There are different kinds of plastic surgery- such as nips and tucks. The trendiest operation in China is the double eyelid surgery; however, the most striking operation is the leg- lengthening surgical procedure. This process requires breaking the patient’s legs, and extending/lengthening them for months using an outer cage. People are exposing their limbs to danger- making them very weak, brittle, and easy to break. Even with these consequences, people are still going through with such operations. Height is an extremely crucial issue in China because it’s a requirement for jobs. Men have to be 5 feet 7 inches tall and women have to be 5 feet and 3 inches apply for a job; if they are shorter, they don’t bother wasting their time applying for jobs.  Moreover, there is a certain height- for both men and women- that is necessary for being able to drive or to get into certain schools. For example, a male has to be at least 5 feet 5 inches to be qualified for law school. Therefore, if you’re naturally tall you’re lucky because you don’t have to suffer through extra pain and expenses (because of surgery). You also have to be lucky for your operation to be successful. One of the story’s the article mentioned was about a 33 year old woman who had her leg become deformed because of the leg-lengthening surgery. All in all, we should be thankful for not having such crazy and extreme requirements/criteria for jobs in our country.


  1. falmuhan says:

    I’ve never heard about the leg- lengthening surgical procedure, that’s crazy!
    If height is a job requirement then I think its not a choice for people to do the operation or not, they’ll just do it for living.

  2. halkhaya says:

    I was surprised to hear that being tall and beautiful are among those major requirements for getting a job in China. I’m wondering if one lacks both, how he/she is going to pay for life expenses, especially if they can’t afford doing such surgeries. Anyway, we should be thankful for living in this country where we apply for a job and get hired based on our abilities not our beauty.

  3. ckazda2013 says:

    Wow! I am surprised that in China most people would be unable to attain a job without altering their looks. The only professions here in the United States I can think of that may require alteration is being a model or in show business as an actor or actress. I don’t see the purpose for a businessman or businesswomen to make those changes to their body. If anyone wants to get plastic surgery done they should do it for them not to please other people.

  4. jasonjameson says:

    I cannot believe they have height requirements for jobs and schools in China. That makes absolutely no sense at all!

    And I wouldn’t mind being a little bit taller but I would not put myself thought this!

    I guess the people feel they have no choice. If they are not teller they cannot even get a good job. I imagine if I was given the choice between a good job and surgery and a slave job in a factory; I would be forced to select the surgery.

    The United States should place tariffs on countries who discriminate against people like this. I think United States should also impose tariffs on countries that treat the environment bad, treat workers poorly, and who treat the people in general unfairly.

    We should not have “free trade” with nations that have such terrible systems of oppression.

    No freedom inside a country = no free trade with the United States

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