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“Real Men Wear Pink”

While we were in class two weeks ago talking about Gender roles in society, many “norms” of appropriate dressing came to mind. At first my obvious approach to this was that men can’t wear skirts without being categorized as “gay” or weird, even though girls wear pants without being judged. Colors can be categorized between genders, or can they? With this I know that girls can wear all the colors more freely than guys; guys have a much harder time incorporating different colors to their wardrobe. As the professor asked various questions in class someone spoke out and said only “real men wear pink”. At that time I thought that’s right I had no different reaction to this statement because I have heard that from friends who would wear pink, but what had blown my mind away was the respond of the teacher toward that comment. She said “yes it’s true but that’s only true when they are wearing a suit”. I was astonished by her response because I had never thought about it that way. The majority of men wear pink when worn with a suit or “stylish” clothes. In my opinion the suit represents dominance and power. Is this why men wear pink, to prove that they can wear whatever they want and make it work? Does sense of style or wearing a “suit” give them the satisfaction of wearing pink or any other color that will be considered for girls without being judged, but also being complemented? Seeing men wear pink and being very proud of it for bringing out their masculinity is fairly recent for me. Up to my sophomore year my classmates wouldn’t even mention wearing pink. Before that time, wearing pink was out of the question for them. Now wearing pink helps determine their “courage” of embracing something feminine and dominating it to be a symbol of masculinity. I think this demonstrates once again the dominance that men have towards their surroundings.  Next time a guy tells me “only real men wear pink”; I will respond with “I bet you wouldn’t wear it as a tank top!”


  1. balbojaw says:

    It wasn’t a surprise for me now, because I experienced it two years ago when my son bought a pink dress shirt for his graduation suit. I asked him about pink being for girls and he told me: “Mom, the times have changed”. I don’t know who made color discrimination and why, but I don’t agree with it since colors are universal.

    • gomezale says:

      Now I am not surprise either because so many of my friends also purchased different color wardrobe, especially when it came to graduation and prom. I guess also many ads have started to “break” the color barriers between genders. With this Society is exposed to this relatively new “idea” and become more accepting.

  2. ckazda2013 says:

    I have seen guys wear pink t-shirts too, not just when they are dressing up. I think it is silly that we discriminate against certain colors for males and females. Take a walk in a kids dress or toy department (boys section variations of blues, girls section variations of pinks, and purples). We are raised to follow certain colors for the different genders.However, times are changing the marketplace is realizing more colors are being widely accepted among both genders.

    • gomezale says:

      Yes I agree with you.:) Colors are being more diverse and genders have to worry less about colors reflecting one gender or another.

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