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White Or Male?

As I was reading “White Privilege and Male Privilege“, I came across many different things that actually made me thinking, Am I privileged or not? It is true that we tend to deny or ignore the fact that we might get more benefits just because of our race or gender. If we do confess then we are racists! Or at least that’s what we think we are thought of.
     There were 46 conditions that she stated in her article that proved her skin color did give her that extra push. One of them was “I can talk with my mouth full and not have people put this on my color” (Shaw, Susan and Lee, Janet, 77). I found myself smiling while reading that particular phrase, I will not be accused of being barbarian or an ignorant person because I am white and I can speak with a full mouth? Wow.
    Then, I thought about the famous Michael Jackson. Did these privileges provoke him into changing his skin color? He rejected being black and pursued a white one because he felt it is more welcoming then?
     After that, she addresses the males having privileges, in fact, it was in her title. So men are more privileged because they still dominate the higher status occupations in most institutions. The sports that involve males in them (football as an example) are more advertised for and emphasized in the United States. Males are still known as the strong providers, and women are the passive caring individuals. If you want to dare someone to do something, you ask him if he “has balls”, and if that someone back offs then he is called “a girl”. Yet, balls are actually the weakest anatomy if the human being and still “having balls” makes you audacious for some reason.
    The main reason Peggy gives that these privileges are kept oblivious is because we want to fulfill the “myth of meritocracy”. That is, the United States is a wonderful democratic place, and no one is above others, we are all humans with ultimately equal opportunities, very close to Wonder Land. Then again, that’s why it is called a “myth”.
    Gloria Stienem highlights in her piece of writing , ” If Men Could Menstruate” that it is not the white skin than gives privileges, it is being a male no matter what skin color you carry. You are a man then you have the power, and you tend to turn everything you have into a God-like figure. She ends her article with ” If we let them” ( 239), which is a really effective way. She states everything possible and then she says the reason directly, that it is not the myth, it is that we are sitting back and watching it happen silently. 

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