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SI for Women by Lindsay Schnell

This article was very intriguing to me because I am a huge fan of sports. I tend to care mostly about men’s professional sports like  Football, Basketball, Baseball and sometimes soccer. In SI for Women by Lindsay Schnell, she details an event that occurred in 1999 in which the first issue of Sports Illustrated for Women was published. On the cover of was a basketball star phenom named Seimone Augustus who went on to become the number one overall pick in the 2006 WNBA draft. What I liked the most about this article was the fact that it made note one particular event in Women’s sports that I or any sport fan living during the time will never forget. The “shot heard around the world” is what it this particular event is refereed as. Brandi Chastain’s penalty kick goal to win the 1999 World Cup is what put women athletes on the map. The goal itself was amazing but what occurred after the goal is what many viewers will never forget. Chastain runs up to kick the ball and she scores, solidifying the U.S womens Soccer team as champions of the world. Chastain runs wild and rips her jersey off leaving only a sport bra while clinching her fists in such a feeling of achievement. I beleieve if their were words that she would speak during that paticular moment it would be ” this our time”. It was because as I could remember it, the U.S soccer team became well known celebrities and Mia Hamm was the Micheal Jordan of women’s soccer.


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  1. ckazda2013 says:

    I myself am not athletic by any means, nor do I watch sports. However, having women in sports is inspiring. It is inspiring, because Brandi Chastain made history by proving in a way that girls can play sports just as much as a man.

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