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Japanese Snaggletooth Craze Spawns Dental Procedures

I was amazed when I read an article on Yahoo Shine this morning, written by Jessica Ferri, about the young girls in Japan, spending $400.00 to create imperfect teeth. The “vampire” look procedure involves cementing exaggerated veneers onto each canine tooth, and can be temporary or permanent. It is considered beautiful and of course, giving the girls an “impish” mouth is supposedly attractive to men of that country. The article claims “the girl next door” look is popular because Japanese men feel so weak in the face of a stagnant economy and fast-shifting gender roles. Roland Kelts wrote a book entitled Japan America and he believes “a too-perfect set of teeth, or anything else, can be intimidating when your role in society is imperiled.”

Unlike here in America, where perfectly straight “chiclet” type teeth are the goal when one makes the decision to get braces, the choice to have these vampire teeth can lead to negative outcomes, such as jaw problems, tooth decay, and bacteria build-up. Physical dangers aside, what is the point of all this? To attract men? It seems like just another attempt to change your physical being, in order to find a suitable partner.

Why must we change in order to feel attractive? I understand making healthy changes through diet and exercise, and in turn, we begin to feel better about ourselves, but what is this new fad telling the girls in Japan? That if they have straight teeth men will no longer find them attractive?

The article goes on to talk about the threat of this trend coming to America. It cites a study that was conducted at the University of Texas in 2012 in which 40% of people said they wouldn’t date a person with crooked teeth, and 73% said that people with straight teeth are more trustworthy. If this study is any indication, American’s aren’t going to be lining up for this new procedure anytime soon.

I am not objecting to cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance in an effort to make yourself feel better. I object to doing it in an effort to please men. And from the information provided in this article, this is the exact reason these girls are making this change. There is no mention of it being something that the Japanese men are partaking in. I wonder what changes they make in order to attract women.


  1. sahachem says:

    This was such a shock to me! The picture grabbed my attention and the first thought I had “ oh, maybe a girl that is being judged by her teeth because they are not aligned perfectly”. Then, when I read the first two lines up to “ creating the vampire look” I was just amazed. People have gone too far in order to satisfy the society they live in rather then the satisfaction of feeling good when they look at their reflection. People have grown to be so insecure with their physical appearance that they are even ignoring the potential health disadvantages that will result from cosmetic procedures. Like the tooth decay and jaw problems that will result from the “vampire look”.
    I totally agree with you, cosmetic surgeries are acceptable if someone has something that is putting him in distress, but doing things like that does not really make you look better but its what attracts others, then it is just bizarre.

  2. ebarnesl says:

    When I first glanced at this articl and read the statment “vampire” look, I thought it was going to be about vampirism the practices of a vampire. The more I read the more I realize how off the mark I was. I have seen a lot of fads in my day but to spend that kind of money because you think it will be more attractive to men lets me know that you are very immature. I have to wonder what kind of dentists they have in Japan that would perform this kind of procedure on young girls knowing the kind of dental problems it can cause down the road. I can see these girls at my age with out teeth and no man. I tell my students all the time if don’t have good dental hygiene and you lose your teeth the tooth fairy will not bring you new ones when you get to be my age. I will be the first to admit I love vampires from the classics to some of the new stuff, but I have no desire for the “vampire” look. Audrey you made a good point about not seeing any men partaking in this new craze, and changes are they making to attract women. Evie

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