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IMT and Dr.Banaji on prejudice

     After reading what Dr. Banaji had to say in her article , Ordinary Prejudice, I was even more excited about taking this IAT test. I wanted to see how much racism I had in me that I did not even know about. The thing is in four of my test I got that I show no preference between the two groups (one of them included arabs and other people), and one that showed slight preference toward young people rather than old ones. Okay, I was more focused on getting the categories right rather than connecting the pictures with certain groups. Although I know I would prefer arabs on other people (every person prefers his in group rather the out group), the test showed I didn’t. 

    Being prejudice is inside every one of us. We do tend to criticize every person we meet, whether it was the way he looks or acts or his race. Further more, as Dr. Banaji mentioned, experiences do affect the intensity of being prejudice. Like how americans hated arabs after 9/11. This does not mean we can not control it or not show it. People do get arrested for flashing their parts in public. If you have it doesn’t mean you can show it. Especially when you are stomping over some one else who is also human. 
     Whie i wad taking the IAT,although it is self report and no one will know the results, I tried not to be bias at all. I felt compelled not to show any preference to any kind of people over the other. Thus, not all self reports are really true, and as they can be controlled so is what we show. Unless its war or a disaster. Other than that , people should be held responsibility for what they show not for what they have inside, because we do not live alone in this world. We live in a society with a lot of races and ethnicities, and it is going to stay like that, so just get used to it.

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