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No land for wimpy man

I am able to relate to Shame-O-Phobia as a guy. I can’t say that I am entirely sure what this reading is doing in a feminist textbook, but that is what this blog is going to be about. My own idea about why it is one of the readings is that it helps explain and look in-depth into guys doing things are more stereotypic to female’s characteristics.

First, I think that the participants that were told that the icy water was testing their male hormones probably froze their hand(s) at least twice as much as the group that was told they were testing their ability to bond with a child. I know that my hand would have stayed in that water for as long as possible if I was convinced that my manhood was being tested, but why? The author speculates why but I have my own idea (which is based off of women’s studies).

What I think that the author is trying to say is that there are very few places in this world of a subordinate, non-masculine adult male who lack ambition and other behaviors that people favor in men. That type of person seems doomed in this society. Women on the other hand, are different in this matter. It is more socially acceptable in the United States to see a female athlete competing in sport than seeing a man crying. On the other hand, it is fine and equally accepted to watch a male athlete compete or to see a woman cry. There is nothing too strange about that. The point is that women have a larger range of attitudes and life choices that they can make with it still being accepted by society where as men have less behaviors that they can express making manhood very sacred.

As for the rest of this reading, it is true that we (guys) are hardwired not to experience emotions on the same level of intensity as women (on average). However, that is of course not to say that men can’t feel or experience empathy. This is partly because of the gender role that we conform too in society and what is favored by those whom we are closest too. I would never cry in front of my fiancé or my father. It is my personal choice and that is something that I choose not to blame on gender or my society.


  1. lyndseyhage says:

    I completely agree with your argument. In society, women do tend to have a wider range of behaviors or actions that they can partake in and the same can’t exactly be said for men. This isn’t just a man’s perspective, but coming from myself, I can say that it’s a women’s as well. A man should not be ashamed to cry in front of others. My boyfriend has cried in front of me before, and I didn’t think of him as any less of a man. We all have emotions, and no matter who we are, we shouldn’t be afraid to express them.

  2. selmasri2013 says:

    You’re argument is very true. Many men feel the need to always be right and not have their manhood questioned. This is related to the fact that men hide their feelings at most times because it is not in their nature to express emotions, especially in front of other men. It all goes back to gender roles in society.

  3. sgadille says:

    Thank you both for your positive feedback. I am so glad that what the blog was about was something you could relate to. I believe that there are a number of reasons for this being the case that men are so limited and that it will take a very long time for this to become rectified but it is good that there are people out there already realizing that men and women both have the same range of emotions but not always the same intensity.

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