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Marriage and Love by Emma Goldman
EmmaGoldman article Marriage and Love appears to have a very negative view on marriage and love. It seems that Emma believes that marriage and love is not bulit on actual facts but on superstition. She feels that a marriage and love is nothing but a farce and has nothing to do with each other. Fromthe first couple of paragrahs I thought to myself what happen to her in her life to make her feel this way? Did she herself have a bad marriage, is she the prouduct of one?Or is it just the idea of marriage period that leaves her with such an negative attitude. All through the article is well written I do not believe a lot of her philosophyon the matter.
As I continued to read I went back to the title and notice that it was written in1910 and I realize why she may have felted as she did,given the time. She leaves me to wonder was she speaking from her own personal experience, was she standing no the outside and looking in or was she talking about just white women or women in general. I do agree with her that from infancy that girls are told that marriage should be their main goal in life. I do disagree with her thatmarriage is just “an economic arrangement an insurance pact.”Even during this time not all suitable husband had a bank account to depend on. Yes it may be condisered a farce, because some women do get married just to have a man take care of them which I feel is very shallow of any women plus there is no love in the union. Then she gets on the subject of sex she states “It is indecent and filthy for a respectable girl” to know anything of marital relations. Whom does she feel is respectable? Middle class and up? Given the time a lot of women did go into the marital relation being some what ignoranant, but I don’t think that can be said for all women.
If Goldman were alive today I think she would be quite happy with the feminist movement and all the changes that have occured since 1910. Women today are mor independent with their own lives that thet don’t need a man to buy cars, homes and get an education they can do this with out their help. Women don’t have to get married or need too. Marriage is not about receiving the ” short end of the stick”. But about being a help mate and partner to you mate


  1. henrysaadi says:

    This is an interesting topic because I feel that many people, not just women feel that perhaps marriage is just a mutual economic relationship between husband and wife. A few years ago, France passed a law in which stated that people can be in what is called a communal relationship and also be able to receive the economic benefits of married people. ( i.e taxes) This law was suppose to be meant go gay/lesbians but many people who were heterosexuals also decided at marriage was not for them but a communal relationship was fine. So now their are many in France who live in a communal relationship but are also not married. I suppose did would be the best of both worlds.

    • Samah hachem says:

      I do somehow agree with you that marriage is not an “insurance pact”, but a lot of people do seek economic stability when they get married, and if this stability is not valid anymore, then problems will evolve. Actually, the instability is mostly going to lead to the ruin of that marriage. Both love and money are important in building up a marriage, and by money I don’t mean owning three pent houses and w yacht, but just enough for being able to keep things going and being happy. Also, not every one marries the one they love.
      In conclusion, I think the author was right, marriage and love don’t have to come in a pack, they are separate things, one don’t have to lead to the other.

  2. rwhensle says:

    There is little doubt that marriage can be a good and or bad thing depending on the couple. With that being said, I definitely believe that marriage is becoming more about capitalizing on the economic benefits of marriage rather than about love and life-long companionship. My views may seem a little jaded, however, the statistic don’t lie, more than half of marriages end in divorce and divorce can hardly be considered an economic benefit.

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