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Aggression against Women in the Middle East

Recently, I read a Middle Eastern article that emphasized aggression against women in the Middle East. The article raised many issues about physical aggression against women which include such behaviors as pushing, shoving, hitting, slapping, and other physical contact. The aggression against women in the Middle East is common either between married couple, parents, or siblings. However, the article didn’t emphasize much about verbal aggression and indirect aggression. There are many forms of aggression; one of them is physical and others such as direct aggression that taunts, tease, intimidate and threaten. Inherent violence of gender relations in the Middle East feeds the authoritarianism violence that plague public life in the region. In this societal sense, men as well as women may be said to be victims of the structural violence inherent in Middle Eastern gender relations. The author states varieties of physical violence against women for which the Middle East is notorious such as honor killings, obligatory beatings, and female genital mutilation. Such violent acts against women are merely eruptions of philosophy of psychological violence, and the threat of physical violence, that pervades gender relations in the Middle East.
The article states many devastating cases that describe the life of those women who gave up to the authoritative house hold and kept feeding the egoistic, cruel and brutal behavior with no hope of rebellion against it. Once I first read the article I thought of creating a website that makes it easier for these women to vent and state their opinion about such a subject or to share their stories or the stories of others without any fear of retaliations by their abuser. The website will provide women with a guideline that emphasize the importance of “feminism” in the Middle East, and the right to rebel when cruelty takes over their lives. This will be a sensitive issue to talk about, but only by talking or discussing the subject we will give hope to further act on a change that will help reduce aggression against women in the Middle East. I believe that men have also been victims in this case, because if aggression is not inherited it is learned through experiences they suffered or observing it at a very young age as the norm. Learning such behavior is done either from an authoritarian father or from a government that dictates its people and prohibits freedom of any form. Therefore, any individuals constrain can cause frustration which could build to lead to aggression.


  1. Stephanie Jones says:

    I think starting such a website is a brilliant idea. The violence and devastating cruelty that many women face in the Middle East is absolutely disgusting, and while it would be difficult to help put an end to it from this distance, the website would certainly help them vent and seek support. Also, I like that you mention how men are affected as well. After all, such behavior isn’t inborn; society passes it down from one generation to the next.

  2. excellent says:

    For some reason, I can’t see all of this blog, it keeps disappearing? Are you taking advantage of DHTML?

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